SAP C_SASEAA_15 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download

Vendor: SAP
Exam Code: C_SASEAA_15
Exam Name: Adaptive Server Enterprise 15 Administrator Associate

For a full-merge join which of the following are TRUE? (Choose two.)

A.    Sort inner table in join order, then merge with left outer table
B.    Tables being joined have useful indexes on join columns
C.    Sort outer table in join order, then merge with the right inner table
D.    Sort both tables, then merge
E.    Tables do not need to be sorted but can be merged using indexes

Answer: BE

Given the following partial histogram from optdiag, what percentage of the rows for this column have a value of 500.00?


A.    0.0%
B.    36.9%
C.    7.1%
D.    6.6%

Answer: A

Which of the following tables do NOT store metadata in the metadata cache? (Choose two.)

A.    syscolumns
B.    sysdatabases
C.    sysindexes
D.    syslogs
E.    syspartitions

Answer: AD

Which system database is used to store distributed transaction management data?

A.    sybsystemprocs
B.    model
C.    sybsystemdb
D.    sybsecurity

Answer: C

Which database option must be set to run dbcc checkalloc in fix mode?

A.    dbo use only
B.    ddl in tran
C.    no chkpt on recovery
D.    select into/bulkcopy/pllsort
E.    single user

Answer: E

How large can a table, column and index name be?

A.    32 bytes
B.    64 bytes
C.    128 bytes
D.    255 bytes

Answer: D

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