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VMware Certified Associate – Cloud Exam (VCA-Cloud): VCAC510 Exam
VCAC510 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: VCAC510
Exam Name: VMware Certified Associate – Cloud Exam (VCA-Cloud)
Q & A: 100 Q&As

You work at a small, but rapidly expanding chain of retail stores. You have a private cloud in
place which works well most of the year, but to manage the annual holiday peak load on your
Internet store, you have decided to utilize a hybrid cloud as needed. Which two components are
required when deploying a hybrid cloud environment? (Choose two.)
A. vFabric Hyperic
B. vCloud Connector
C. vCenter Operations Management Suite
D. vCloud Director
Answer: BD

You have successfully completed the initial deployment of your company’s cloud. Now
management wants to make sure everything continues to run well and that you are meeting all of
your SLAs. Which vCloud Suite software component will best help you do this?
A. vCenter Automation Center
B. vCloud Management Assistant
C. vSphere Management Assistant Appliance
D. vCenter Operations Management Suite
Answer: A

An administrator is deciding on a hybrid cloud solution based on a given set of requirements. The
requirements include a single virtual datacenter with logically isolated resources and multitenancy capability. Which service option would satisfy the given requirements?
A. Virtual Private Cloud Service option
B. Dedicated Cloud Service option
C. vCloud Public Service option
D. vCloud Private Service option
Answer: A

Your development team has informed you they frequently run tests which require three VMs and
take two days to run. When the tests are complete, there is no further need to keep the VMs or
the resources they have been consuming. Which of the following products would best help you
manage the requirements of this test environment?
A. vCloud Director
B. vFabric Suite
C. vCenter Orchestrator
D. vCloud Automation Center
Answer: D

You work at a small ISP and need to provide multiple virtual datacenters for your multi-tenancy
environment. Which of the following would you do to build a multi-tenancy environment?
A. Build multiple virtual datacenters using vFabric Suite
B. Build multiple Org vDCs using vCloud Director
C. Build multiple Provider vDCs using vCloud Connector
D. Build multiple External Networks using vCloud Director
Answer: B
Explanation: Id=1026339

After this morning’s high-level, sales-oriented cloud seminar, your colleague is still unclear on the
relationship between an Org vDC and a Provider vDC and asks you to help explain why you
would set up multiple Provider vDCs. What would you tell him?
A. You want to implement hardware-based resource tiering
B. Multiple Provider vDCs are required for organizations which have multiple internal networks
C. Each Org vDC requires its own Provider vDC
D. Multiple Provider VDCs would allow for segmenting of identical sets of physical hardware
Answer: B

Your manager heard on a webinar that vCenter Operations Manager has the ability to create
custom groups so that he could better align performance and management decisions with the
business. Which two custom groups could you create? (Choose two.)
A. DRS/HA Cluster
B. Application
C. vCenter Datacenter
D. Line of business
Answer: BC

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