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Vendor: NetApp
Exam Code: NS0-154
Exam Name: Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode Administrator

Which command displays the statistics for Ethernet network interfaces?

A.    ifconfig
B.    ifstat
C.    sysconfig
D.    sysstat

Answer: B

Which command is used to set the configuration of an Ethernet network interface?

A.    ifconfig
B.    ifstat
C.    netstat – i
D.    sysconfig – v

Answer: A

What are three true statements about physical reallocation of data added in ONTAP 7.3? (Choose three.)

A.    Use reallocate -p pathname to run the physical reallocate.
B.    Use aggr reallocate -p pathname to run the physical reallocate.
C.    Reinitialize any SnapMirror relationship for the new physical geometry.
D.    Volume Snapshots do not need to be deleted for the reallocate to run effectively.
E.    Dont run it on files, volumes, and LUNs that are in an aggregate created by a version of ONTAP earlier than 7.2.

Answer: ADE

Physical Reallocation of a SnapMirror source volume increases the amount of data to transfer for the next SnapMirror update.

A.    True
B.    False

Answer: B

When running deduplication on SnapVault destinations, which three statements are true?

A.    Deduplication internally synchronizes with the SnapVault schedule on the destination.
B.    The source SnapVault data is deduplicated inline on the target before it is written to disk.
C.    The source (primary) system sends duplicated data even if the source data is deduplicated.
D.    Deduplication savings are available after the baseline snapshot rolls off and the blocks are freed.
E.    Deduplication with SnapVault creates a snapshot, deduplicates, then deletes and recreates the snapshot to effectively deduplicate savings.

Answer: ACE

A snapshot is a frozen, read-only image of the entire Data ONTAP active file system that reflects the state of the ____________ at the time the snapshot was created.

A.    qtrees
B.    volume
C.    directory
D.    storage system

Answer: B

Data ONTAP uses inodes in an active file system to reference ___________.

A.    qtrees
B.    disk blocks
C.    file segments
D.    Snapshot copies

Answer: B

Which command disables client access to Snapshot copies on a volume called flexvol1?

A.    cifs shares -change flexvol1 -nosnap
B.    snap access flexvol1 off
C.    vol options flexvol1 nosnapdir on
D.    vol options flexvol1 snapdir off
E.    vol options flexvol1 snapdir on

Answer: C

When Data ONTAP creates a weekly, nightly, or hourly snapshot, the value of n (as shown by the snap list command) is adjusted for all the weekly.n, nightly.n, or hourly.n Snapshot copies. The higher the value of n, the _________ the snapshot.

A.    older
B.    newer
C.    more important
D.    least important

Answer: A

A SnapVault secondary volume can contain up to ___ Snapshot copies for data protection.

A.    125
B.    251
C.    255
D.    Depends on capacity and number of disk drives

Answer: B

Which three are pre-requisites for using SnapRestore? (Choose three.)

A.    The volume to be reverted must be offline.
B.    The volume to be reverted must not be a SnapMirror destination.
C.    You must enter the SnapRestore license code before you can use it.
D.    Snapshot copies must exist on the storage system so that you can select a snapshot for the reversion.

Answer: BCD

Which command or procedure would you use to undo a volume SnapRestore operation?

A.    snap restore -r vol
B.    snap revert -s vol
C.    snap restore undo vol
D.    You cannot undo a SnapRestore operation at the volume level.

Answer: D

What happens after you use SnapRestore to revert a volume to a specific snapshot?

A.    You must bring the volume back online.
B.    The storage system automatically performs a snapshot for that volume.
C.    The Snapshot copies that are older than the snapshot you used are deleted.
D.    The Snapshot copies that are more recent than the snapshot you used are deleted.

Answer: D

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