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You have developed repository objects for AS ABAP-based SAP systems. Your development work is being logged within a transport request. What happens when you release your task in the Transport Organizer (transaction SE09) of the development system?

A.    Repository locks are released for the respective repository objects.
B.    The repository objects can no longer be changed.
C.    Object entries are copied into the object list of the transport request for the respective repository objects.
D.    The export process starts.

Answer: C

You are running an AS ABAP-based SAP system with several instances. Where are enqueue locks stored that are managed by the AS ABAP system?

A.    In the shared memory of each instance
B.    In the database of the SAP system
C.    In the shared memory of the instance where the enqueue work process is running
D.    In the shared memory of the ABAP message server

Answer: C

You are a transport administrator for an AS ABAP-based SAP system landscape. In the import queue of a single SAP system, you select multiple transport requests to be imported together. What happens when these transport requests are imported? (Choose two)

A.    If an object is included in more than one transport request, only the version in the last transport request
is activated/generated (according to the sequence in the import queue).
B.    If an object is included in more than one transport request, it is first stored in the shadow repository.
You can then activate/generate selected versions from the shadow repository later.
C.    If an object is included in more than one transport request, you can specify which object version will be
activated/generated using unconditional (import) modes.
D.    The objects in the first transport request are imported and activated/generated first, then the objects in
the second transport request, and so on.
E.    All objects in all the selected transport requests are merged together.

Answer: AE

You are performing an SAP system upgrade of an AS ABAP-based development system. When do you perform the modification adjustments for ABAP Dictionary objects using transaction SPDD (Modification Adjustment Dictionary)?

A.    In the upgrade preparation phases (Roadmap steps 1-4)
B.    After the upgrade (EXIT)
C.    During the upgrade before activation of table definitions (ACT_UPG)
D.    During the upgrade after the first kernel switch (KX_SWITCH_1)

Answer: C

Which of the following scheduling options can you select in transaction SM36 (Define Background Job) to define the start condition of a background job in an SAP system based on AS ABAP? (Choose three)

A.    When a specified alert condition is met (Alert)
B.    At a particular time (Date / Time)
C.    When a specified job finished (After job)
D.    When a particular event occurs (After event)
E.    Each time a specific periodic job finished (After periodic job)

Answer: BCD

Which of the following does not use SAP NetWeaver?

B.    SAP Business All-In-One
D.    SAP Business One

Answer: D

You have established a backup strategy using complete offline backups. In addition to all data files, which files are saved by BRBACKUP? (Choose two)

A.    Oracle executable files
B.    Online redo log files
C.    The control file
D.    SQL*Net configuration files
E.    Offline redo log files

Answer: BC

Which AS ABAP release for software component “SAP BASIS” is used for SAP ECC 6.05?

A.    7.20
B.    7.02
C.    7.01
D.    7.10

Answer: B

You are running a system landscape of AS Java-based SAP systems. You want to use the enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS) to transport non-ABAP objects into these systems. Which prerequisites are necessary to perform this task? (Choose two)

A.    The Software Deployment Manager (SDM) of the Transport Domain Controller must be configured
for deployment in AS Java-based runtime systems.
B.    Client-dependent transport routes must exist for all SAP systems in your transport domain.
C.    The transport landscape for AS Java-based SAP systems must be maintained in transaction STMS
in the Transport Domain Controller.
D.    The AS Java-based SAP systems and the Transport Domain Controller must have the same SAP
release level.
E.    An RFC destination to the CTS Deploy Web Service must be configured on the AS ABAP-based Transport
Domain Controller.

Answer: CE

Which of the following statements are true with regard to SAP online help for an AS ABAP-based SAP system? (Choose three)

A.    When installing the online documentation, you have the option to choose between Standard HTML (PlainHtml)
and Compiled HTML (HtmlHelp).
B.    The online documentation can be installed in the database of the SAP system.
C.    The online documentation can be installed on a file or Web server.
D.    The online documentation is installed with all available languages by default.
E.    Access to the online documentation can be configured with transaction SR13 (Administration:
Display of the SAP Library).

Answer: ACE

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