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You want to reduce the fragmentation of a tablespace by using BR*TOOLS. Which methods can you use to achieve this? (Choose two)

A.    Online shrinking of tables
B.    Update statistics
C.    Online backup
D.    Online redefinition of tables
E.    Coalesce tables

Answer: AD

You are running an AS ABAP-based SAP system. How can you determine the current Support Package level of all ABAP software components? (Choose two)

A.    Choose “System -> Status -> Component information”.
B.    Use transaction SPAM (Support Package Manager).
C.    Run the report “RSPFPAR”.
D.    Launch the ICF path “/sap/bc/icf/info” in a Web browser.
E.    Depending on the operating system, use the “disp+work -v” or “dw -v” command.

Answer: AB

During the startup of the central instance of an SAP system based on AS ABAP+Java 7.0x (dual stack), different processes are started. Which processes are started by the ABAP Dispatcher by default? (Choose three)

A.    AS ABAP Message Server
B.    AS ABAP Work Processes
C.    AS Java Message Server
D.    Internet Communication Manager (ICM) if parameter rdisp/start_icman is set to “true”
E.    JControl

Answer: BDE

Where can you find details on the memory consumption of the SAP integrated ITS?

A.    In the SAP system, using the ICF service /sap/moni/its/mem
B.    In the SAP system, using transaction/report SITSPMON (Internal ITS: Status)
C.    On operating system level, using the command “icmon”
D.    In the SAP system, using transaction SMICM (ICM Monitor)

Answer: B

How many clients can exist in an AS ABAP-based SAP system?

A.    65,536
B.    100
C.    1,000
D.    3

Answer: C

You have opened a CCMS monitor in transaction RZ20 (CCMS Monitor Sets).

What can you conclude by analyzing the attached screenshot?

A.    Instances 00 and 01 of SAP system DEV on host twdf1921 are not running.
B.    Instances 00 and 01 of SAP system DEV on host twdf1921 are running, but cannot be reached by CCMS.
C.    All nodes below the MTE “twdf1921_DEV_00” have the status “red”.
D.    At least one node below the MTE “twdf1921_DEV_00” has the status “red”.

Answer: D

Which of the following monitoring tools are designed to monitor AS Java-based SAP systems? (Choose two)

A.    Transaction ST02 (Tune Summary) in a central AS ABAP-based monitoring system
B.    SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA)
C.    Config tool
D.    Transaction RZ20 (CCMS Monitor Sets) in a central AS ABAP-based monitoring system

Answer: BD

Which ABAP software components are installed by default during the installation of an SAP ECC system? (Choose three)

B.    SAP_HR
C.    SAP_BW

Answer: BCE

For which of the following do you need to install and configure SAProuter? (Choose two)

A.    EarlyWatch Service session done remotely by an SAP Support employee
B.    Connection to
C.    Remote Consulting from SAP
D.    Connection to

Answer: AC

You are running an AS Java-based SAP system. You are maintaining local settings using the Visual Administrator. These settings become effective immediately. You want to make sure that the new settings are still valid after the next restart of your system. How do you fulfill this requirement?

A.    No further steps are necessary in this scenario.
B.    Mark check box “Activate in profile”.
C.    Maintain the same settings in the global settings using the Visual Administrator.
D.    Maintain the same settings in the Config Tool.

Answer: A

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