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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-E53
Exam Name: Selling HP Enterprise Solutions

Which HP solution significantly reduces errors in PDU wiring configurations by immediately identifying them?

A.    HP Intelligent PDUs
B.    HP Power Discovery Services
C.    HP Thermal Discovery Services
D.    HP Location Discovery Services

Answer: A

Which HP tool provides 24×7 automated event logging, which enables fault event information to be correlated with information such as Power-on self-test results, and, hence, typically provides 66% faster time to problem resolution?

A.    Insight Control
B.    Insight Remote Support
C.    Insight Dynamics
D.    iL0 4

Answer: A

The storage industry, more than other IT areas, is currently experiencing a major technology change. What is the key reason for this change?

A.    Many storage systems are not built to handle big data, which requires a fully virtualized environment.
B.    Many customers are moving to cloud-based service delivery and do not have the IT infrastructure nor storage capacity to cope with the increased data demands.
C.    Many storage systems today, whether they are monolithic or modular, can handle only application-unique data.
D.    Most storage systems available today were designed to cope with IT requirements of 15-20 years ago and are built to handle application-unique silos, predictable workloads, and structured data.

Answer: D

Which statement accurately describes the HP Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model (CI-MM)?

A.    It is a process to evaluate the customer’s total datacenter capacity requirements over the next three to five years
B.    It is a process that HP has developed to help company executives determine the cost of building a new disaster recovery center
C.    It is a process to evaluate a customer’s current state in terms of CI Maturity and then maps this against other customers in similar industries before making recommendations.
D.    It is a process to establish utilization levels across the customer’s server and storage infrastructure and provide the basis for making recommendations for greater cost efficiency

Answer: C

HP 3PAR can deliver what level of improvement in storage provisioning time?

A.    4 times
B.    6 times
C.    8 times
D.    10 times

Answer: C

Which HP solution is ideal for companies With Windows-centric environments that need to efficiently file and control the cost of unstructured data?

A.    X5000
B.    3PAR
C.    P4000
D.    P6000

Answer: A
Explanation: (page 1, second para)

What type of data offers the biggest opportunity?

A.    Mainframe
B.    Database
C.    Block
D.    Unstructured

Answer: D

You have a customer with multiple regional and branch offices that wants to set up reliable, rich media video collaboration to decrease travel and training costs. Which AllianceONE solutions should you suggest?

A.    Riverbed Steelhead and Avaya Aura
B.    Riverbed Steelhead and Netscout nGenius
C.    Microsoft Lync and Polycom RealPresence
D.    Citrix Netscaler and Netscout nGenius

Answer: C
Explanation: h33SSf8wKUmHOwTS_Xk6DWs8VMO&sig=AHIEtbRhKVJZWqVsI7KqXyBMlXM6iAtSwg (page2)

Why are typical customer network installations not able to efficiently support current requirements for server-to-server traffic?

A.    Legacy networks used low-cost technology that was not designed for current requirements.
B.    Legacy networks inherently do not have high bandwidth communication paths.
C.    Legacy networks were designed to primarily support user-to-computer interactions.
D.    Legacy networks often have multiple management environments.

Answer: A

Which database product provides an open-sourced environment with Oracle compatibility for HP Integrity servers, including Superdome 2?

A.    IBM DB2
B.    NonStopSQL
C.    SAP Sybase IQ
D.    EnterpriseDB

Answer: D

Your customer has G5 and G6 servers installed. Which Opex savings could they expect to achieve by moving to ProLiant Gen8, based on IDC research?

A.    at least 8%
B.    at least 20%
C.    at least 33%
D.    at least 63%

Answer: B

What does HP location-based intelligence do?

A.    It increases data center level compute capacity.
B.    It automates asset tracking of servers in racks
C.    It lowers energy and space requirements.
D.    Identifies power configuration errors.

Answer: B
Explanation: (Slide 18, first bullet)

In developing the DL980 G7, what did HP use to create a highly differentiated server product?

A.    HP Virtual Connect
B.    HP Thermal Logic
C.    HP BladeSystem Matrix
D.    HP mission-critical computing expertise and HP PREMA architecture

Answer: D

Which statement best describes the HP VirtualSystem?

A.    HP VirtualSystem optimizes dedicated workloads such as data management, business reporting/analytics, and collaboration
B.    HP VirtualSystem simplifies and extends converged infrastructure into optimized, turnkey solutions that reduce costs for server and desktop virtualization
C.    HP VirtualSystem enables several operating systems to be run in parallel on a single CPU to reduce overhead costs.
D.    HP VirtualSystem enables IT departments to manage based on perceived activity, where computer processing power is seen as a utility that users can pay for only as needed.

Answer: B
Explanation: Convergente.pdf (page 9, see hp virtualsystem in fine print.)

How do HP VirtualSystems increase deal size?

A.    They require more processor blades than conventional systems.
B.    They include high value software components
C.    They move the deal to strategic virtualization solutions and services.
D.    They require larger storage systems than conventional architectures.

Answer: C

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