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Vendor: Hitachi
Exam Code: HH0-120
Exam Name: Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations – Modular Exam

You have created a P-Vol/S-Vol pair. Which two commands can you use to check that the P-Vol and S-Vol are synchronized? (Choose two.)

A.    raidscan
B.    paircheck
C.    pairstatus
D.    pairdisplay

Answer: AD

Which two features of Hitachi Copy-on-Write Snapshot enable the rapid creation of a data copy? (Choose two.)

A.    Data Pool save area
B.    Quick copy provisioning
C.    Pointer-based snapshots
D.    ShadowImage integration

Answer: AC

Once ShadowImage has created a copy of system data, what are three valid uses for the copied data? (Choose three.)

A.    disaster recovery
B.    backup and recovery
C.    journaling application
D.    application development
E.    data mining application

Answer: BDE

As related to disaster recovery, which two statements are true about "write sequencing"?
(Choose two.)

A.    Most backup solutions manage write sequencing.
B.    It is important in a disaster that occurs over a time period.
C.    The order in which Fibre Channel paths are created is important.
D.    The order of updates on the secondary array is critical to data integrity.

Answer: BD

When connecting modular storage to TagmaStore USP storage devices, a software tool must be used in order to define the Command Control Interface (CCI) and apply security. What is the name of the tool for defining the CCI and security?

A.    Port Manager
B.    LUN Manager
C.    SCSI Manager
D.    Tiered Storage Manager

Answer: B

TrueCopy offers synchronous and asynchonous capabilities. What are two advantages of asynchronous operation? (Choose two.)

A.    No data loss
B.    Faster disaster recovery
C.    Supports longer distances
D.    Lesser impact on host performance

Answer: CD

An IT operations manager needs to forecast hardware purchases for the coming fiscal year. The manager has been assigned a HiCommand Tuning Manager login in order to accomplish this task. Which security level is appropriate for the manager?

A.    Users
B.    Operators
C.    Managers
D.    Administrators

Answer: A

A customer is using a 9585V storage array and is evaluating whether to upgrade to an AMS500 for performance reasons. Which statement is true?

A.    The AMS500 supports larger drive sizes.
B.    The AMS500 provides more back-end loops.
C.    The AMS500 supports faster back-end loops.
D.    The AMS500 supports faster Fibre Channel host connections.

Answer: D

A brokerage firm wants to allocate appropriate amounts of storage for the high-volume requirements of trading operations including the mid-volume requirements of their human resources department. Which HiCommand Suite product enables the storage manager to do this?

A.    Tuning Manager
B.    Device Manager
C.    Provisioning Manager
D.    Business Continuity Manager

Answer: B

A customer has recently acquired a competitor and they are in the process of evaluating the newly expanded network. Which two types of data can HiCommand Storage Services Manager collect relative to capacity and performance? (Choose two.)

A.    Historical data
B.    Real time data
C.    Trend analysis data
D.    Tape device utilization data

Answer: AB

A customer uses Copy-on-Write Snapshot to create a point-in-time copy (V-VOL) of their data for backup. When can the snapshot be used to backup the production data?

A.    Immediately
B.    After all data is copied to V-Vol
C.    After all data is copied to Data Pool
D.    After the production volume is shut down

Answer: A

A customer requires a new modular storage array which will use parity for data protection. When a drive fails in a RAID 5 group, the remaining disks are each a single point of failure. A requirement is that the vendor must minimize the amount of time the array is in a single point of failure state following a disk failure. Which two features of the AMS500 support the requirement? (Choose two.)

A.    RAID 6
B.    RAID 5+1
C.    Dynamic Sparing
D.    Fast Disk Rebuild

Answer: AC
During a customer install of an AMS subsystem the controller ports do not log into the SAN fabric. The port indication light on the SAN switch indicates a port login failure. Using the Storage Navigator Modular GUI you need to configure the AMS Fibre Channel controller to work with their SAN fabric. Which topology would you select in Storage Navigator that would allow you to connect to their SAN switch?

A.    Point-to-point
B.    F-port connection
C.    N-port connection
D.    AL-PA private loop

Answer: B

A customer has an AMS200 configured in Dual Active Mode and has installed the Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager software. What is the access method for LUs?

A.    Each LU has a single path.
B.    Each LU is accessible through all paths.
C.    Only LUs which use FC disks are multipathed.
D.    Each LU is accessible through all paths to one controller.

Answer: D

You set a warning threshold to take pre-emptive action when a critical resource approaches an
unacceptable capacity level. What are two examples of critical resources that could affect application performance? (Choose two.)

A.    Buffer-to-buffer credit depletion
B.    The performance of a disk parity group
C.    A binding alert on all servers on a subnetwork
D.    Available free space in a critical file system or database

Answer: BD

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