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Vendor: FileMaker
Exam Code: FM0-306
Exam Name: Developer Essentials for FileMaker 12

Drag and drop question
Match the FileMaker Server 12 hosting technology with the maximum number of concurrent client connections.



Drag and drop question
Identify the default ports used in FileMaker Server 12 (choices may be used more than once).



What will a recursive custom function do when a stack limit is exceeded?

A.    returns !
B.    returns ?
C.    returns Error 1203: Unexpected end of calculation
D.    produces a spinning beach ball (Mac OS X) or a rotating cursor (Windows)

Answer: C

What is the maximum number of recursive calls that can be made utilizing a custom function in FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced?

A.    10, 000
B.    32, 000
C.    50, 000
D.    64, 000

Answer: D

What is the maximum number of files that can be hosted on FileMaker Server 12 Advanced?

A.    100
B.    125
C.    250
D.    999

Answer: B

What is the theoretical maximum record count in a FileMaker Pro 12 file?

A.    100 million records
B.    4 billion records
C.    8 trillion records
D.    64 quadrillion records
E.    128 quadrillion records

Answer: A

Drag and drop question
Identify the default ports used in FileMaker Server 12 (choices may be used more than once).



Which two statements are true about field indexing in FileMaker Pro 12? (Choose two.)

A.    Calculation fields cannot be indexed.
B.    Indexing improves the speed at which sorts are performed.
C.    To establish a relationship between two fields, both fields are required to be indexed.
D.    A field must be indexed in order for Auto-complete using previously entered values to function.
E.    Minimal indexing indicates that either the value index or the word index has been created, but not both

Answer: DE

Given two tables in FileMaker Pro 12 with the following fields and table occurrences:

What two methods can be used to add a portal to a layout based on the Players table, which shows only the names of the current player’s teammates, but not the current player’s name? (Choose two.)

A.    base the portal on the relationship
Players:: Team ID = Teammates:: Team ID
And use a portal filter based on the calculation Players:: PlayerID  Self
B.    base the portal on the relationship
Players::TeamID = Teammates::TeamID
Set a sort order of PlayerID. Ascending on the relationship, and Configure the portal to have an Initial
row value of 2.
C.    bases the portal on the multi-predicate relationship:
Players::TeamID = Teammates::TeamID
AND Players: PlayerID  Teammates:: PlayerID
D.    base the portal on the relationship
Players:: TeamID = Teammates:: TeamID
And use a portal filter based on the calculation
Players:: PlayerID  Teammates:: PlayerID

Answer: CD

Which statement is true about the Relationships Graph in FileMaker Pro 12?

A.    Table occurrences can represent tables from external JDBC data sources.
B.    A single Relationships Graph can include references to no more than 256 external files.
C.    A set of relationships between tables can be created as a loop if every table occurrence in the
loop has a unique name.
D.    The Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship setting can be selected between
two table occurrences if the relationship includes only equality (=,  or ) matches between fields.

Answer: D

Which statement is true given two FileMaker Pro 12 files, Vendors and Products, if a table from Products appears on the Vendors Relationships Graph?

A.    Scripts in Vendors can reference data from global variables defined in Products.
B.    Layouts from Products can be displayed in the same window as layouts from Vendors.
C.    Vendors can contain multiple valid external FileMaker Data Sources referencing Products.
D.    A table occurrence from Products is required on the Vendors Relationships Graph in order to call
a script in Products from Vendors

Answer: C

Which two statements are true about container fields that are configured to Store container data externally in FileMaker Pro 12? (Choose two)

A.    Container data stored externally using Secure storage is encrypted.
B.    FileMaker Pro 12 can store a maximum of 64 million external files per database file.
C.    It is possible to customize the directory location where FileMaker Pro 12 will store external
container data.
D.    Once a container field has been configured to store data internally, the data must be re-imported
if the field is changed to store data externally.

Answer: AC

For which field type can the field validation setting Strict data type: Numeric Only be applied?

A.    Text
B.    Date
C.    Integer
D.    Summary
E.    Timestamp

Answer: A

Consider a FileMaker Pro 12 database with the following tables and fields:

Assuming only the above relationships between table occurrences, using sorting if necessary, which two actions can be performed? (Choose two.)

A.    Create a value list that shows all Invoices for a chosen Customer
B.    Create a value list on a Product layout which displays all Customers
C.    Find all of the Customers who have ever ordered a specific Product
D.    Create a portal to display each Product that has been ordered by a Customer
E.    Display all records from the Customer table in a portal on a layout for an Invoice Item record

Answer: BE

Which two statements are true about FileMaker Pro 12 relationships? (Choose two.)

A.    Valid relationships can include unindexed match fields.
B.    The % (contains) operator can be used for join criteria that include one unindexed match field.
C.    When editing match fields for a relationship, no more than 16 pairs of match fields can be used.
D.    A relationship defined with an X (cross product) will only include records with non-matching match
field values.
E.    A relationship defined with an X (cross product) match will allow the Delete related records in this
table when a record is deleted in the other table option.

Answer: AE

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