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IBM Cognos ICM Essentials: BAS-004 Exam
BAS-004 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: BAS-004
Exam Name: IBM Cognos ICM Essentials
Q & A: 65 Q&As

When using an effective dated table as a source for a calculation, which two statements are true?
(Choose two.)
A. Join start and end date of the effective dated table to a single date.
B. Join the calendar table to the effective dated table.
C. Join on both effective dates.
D. Join an effective dated table to another effective dated table (not Time).
Answer: AC

What is the impact of locking model calendars?
A. It affects calculations partitioned by the same calendar.
B. It has no effect on any calculations in the model.
C. It affects every calculation in the model regardless of calendars used.
D. It only affects calculations related to payout.
Answer: A

How does information from the Web client reach the database server?
A. from the Admin client
B. from the Web Application server
C. from the Cognos ICM Service
D. from the Web Application server to the Cognos ICM Service
Answer: B

Which table property can be changed after it is saved?
A. name
B. description
C. primary key
D. type
Answer: B

Click the Exhibit button. In Presenter, when preparing data sources for the report shown in the
exhibit, which type of source must be created to produce the subtotals by payee?
A. Data Source
B. Subtotal Source
C. Aggregate Transformation
D. Computed Row
Answer: C

Which table type is built by joining one or more tables and calculations together?
A. Data
B. Hierarchy
C. Custom
D. View
Answer: D

What are two purposes of using components in Composer? (Choose two.)
A. for aesthetics
B. for granular application of security
C. for organization
D. for troubleshooting purposes
Answer: BC

In which two situations would you perform the Optimize Model function? (Choose two.)
A. When a large volume of data has been imported.
B. When calculations have been modified.
C. When a calendar period has been locked.
D. When a large number of admin client users have been added.
Answer: AC

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