Latest Symantec 250-312 Exam Questions Download with PDF & VCE

Vendor: Symantec
Exam Code: 250-312
Exam Name: Administration of Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows Servers

A catalog search results in an empty dialogue box when searching for existing data on inventoried tape. What is the next action that must be taken in order to see the selections?
A.    catalog the tape
B.    scan the tape
C.    label the tape
D.    import the tape

Answer: A

A restore job fails with Access Denied errors. What is the next step that should be taken?

A.    start the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the appropriate machine
B.    enable restore rights in Logon Account Management for the appropriate account
C.    check the Resource Credentials for the restore job and associate a set of credentials that has appropriate rights
D.    change the logon account for the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the appropriate machine to an account that has appropriate rights

Answer: C

Which restore feature enables access to data when a Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows Servers protected file server is down?

A.    Advanced Open File Option
B.    File Redirection
C.    Granular Restore Technology
D.    File Reallocation

Answer: B

The Intelligent Disaster Recovery (IDR) bootable media contains the system files necessary to make a failed Windows computer operational after a disaster. When should the bootable media for a media server be updated?

A.    when a system’s mass storage controller has been replaced
B.    when a new mapped drive has been reconfigured
C.    when a system’s firmware has been updated
D.    when a new administrative account has been added

Answer: A

During the configuration of a restore job, which option restores the links for Distributed File Systems (DFS), mapped drives and mount points?

A.    restore volume links, mapped drives and directories from backup media
B.    restore junction points, symbolic links, files and directories from backup media
C.    restore data points, hard links and directories from backup media
D.    restore mount points, soft links, files and folders from backup media

Answer: B

Which three pieces of information are contained in the job log if the default option for job logging is selected? (Choose three.)

A.    media information
B.    directory names
C.    file details
D.    computer names
E.    file names
F.    device information

Answer: ADF

Why would backup jobs be omitted from the display in the Job Monitor?

A.    Logging is set to summary information only.
B.    There are insufficient rights to the Job Monitor.
C.    Custom filters are enabled.
D.    The jobs are cancelled.

Answer: C

A backup administrator changed the name of the Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows Servers (Backup Exec) media server. How can the configuration for Backup Exec be updated?

A.    in the Backup Exec GUI console, select Tools and then select Update Media Server Name
B.    in BEUtility, select Move Database to New Media Server
C.    in BEUtility, select Update Configuration for New Media Server Name
D.    reboot the server, which will automatically update the Media Server name for Backup Exec

Answer: C

In which three formats can Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows Servers reports be saved or printed? (Choose three.)

A.    CSV
B.    DOC
C.    PDF
D.    XLS
E.    RPT

Answer: ACD

What is used to perform database maintenance tasks on the Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows Servers database?

A.    VXGather
B.    DBUtility
C.    BEUtility
D.    BEConfigure

Answer: C

Which utility collects available Symantec Backup Exec 12 Windows Servers crash dump logs for troubleshooting?

A.    BEGather
B.    VxGather
C.    Bediag
D.    VxMon

Answer: B

Which database maintenance task is only available in BEUtility?

A.    dumping the database to a file
B.    deleting aged data
C.    optimizing database size
D.    performing consistency check
E.    changing database location

Answer: E

Which three steps are necessary to create notifications? (Choose three.)

A.    configure recipients under the Alerts view
B.    configure e-mail in Manage Custom Notifications
C.    assign recipients to job, policy, selection list or alert category
D.    configure e-mail or pager notification method
E.    assign notification under File –> New –> Notification

Answer: ACD

Which Database Maintenance function removes information considered old?

A.    optimize database size
B.    perform database consistency check
C.    delete aged data
D.    truncate job history

Answer: C

Which setting must be changed to affect how long job history and job logs are kept?

A.    Tools –> Options –> Advanced
B.    Tools –> Options –> Job Logs
C.    Tools –> Options –> Database maintenance
D.    Tools –> Options –> Preferences

Answer: C

Which three are valid Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows Servers recipient e-mail transports for notification? (Choose three.)

A.    VIM
B.    OWA
C.    MAPI
D.    SMTP
E.    SNMP

Answer: ACD

You adjust the block size for a tape drive. Which statement is true about how the changes take effect?

A.    Block size changes take effect immediately on all tapes used by the tape drive.
B.    Block size changes take effect only on newly overwritten tapes used by the tape drive.
C.    Block size changes take effect only after the drive is restarted.
D.    Block size changes take effect at 00:00:01 the following day.

Answer: B
In which two formats can reports be viewed from the Backup Exec Administration Console? (Choose two.)

A.    HTML
B.    XLS
C.    DOC
D.    PDF
E.    TXT

Answer: AD

An administrator installed a new Exchange Server within a Storage Area Network. The director requests that the administrator back up Exchange while it is running without impacting its performance. How can the administrator meet this requirement?

A.    use Pre and Post commands to stop and start the Exchange services
B.    install and use the Advanced Open File Option (AOFO)
C.    install the Continuous Protection Agent
D.    use the Advanced Disk-based Option to perform off-host snapshot backups

Answer: D

A push installation of the Agent for Windows Servers fails. Which command performs an installation of the agent locally using the installation media?

A.    double-click Backup Exec\Agents\RAWS32\SETUPAA.CMD
B.    double-click Backup Exec\Agents\RAWS32\RAWSInst.exe
C.    Backup Exec\Agents\RAWS32\setuprws.exe /RANT32: -s
D.    Backup Exec\Agents\Setupagent.exe /RAWS

Answer: A

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