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IBM FileNet P8 V5.1: 000-587 Exam
000-587 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 000-587
Exam Name: IBM FileNet P8 V5.1
Q & A: 70 Q&As

The IBM FileNet Process Engine is unable to start after an upgrade. Customer-provided
background information (also known as MustGather data) is being requested by the IBM support
engineer. What command should be run to gather operating system configuration and error
reports on a Red Hat Enterprise Server system?
A. errpt -a
B. /usr/sbin/dmesg
C. /usr/sbin/prtdiag -v
D. wevtutil epl System Systemlog.evtx
Answer: C

A security administrator has created an IBM FileNet Content Engine service account for
connecting to the LDAP directory server. Which of the following is NOT true about this account?
A. Can be accessed using referrals.
B. Acts as the bind user specified by the application server.
C. Serves as the GCD user that searches users and groups.
D. Must have read access to the forest-wide configuration directory partition.
Answer: A

When configuring a Storage Area to be used by a UNIX hosted IBM FileNet Content Engine,
which of the following statements is always true?
A. The ce_appserver_install_group must have read access to the Storage Area file system.
B. The ce_os_group must only have read and execute access to the Storage Area file system.
C. The ce_os_user must have read, write, and execute access to the Storage Area file system.
D. The ce_appserver_install_user must have read, write, and execute access to the Storage Area file system.
Answer: C

A security administrator has been assigned the task of creating a Content Engine bootstrap
account. The account must be able perform the following task: establish a connection to the
application server, access the JNDI lookup tree and lookup the data source for accessing the
GCD. What other function does the Content Engine bootstrap account need to perform?
A. Create the data sources for the GCD.
B. Startup the Content Engine application.
C. Startup the Content Engine background tasks.
D. Startup the Content Engine application server.
Answer: C

An IBM client is planning the implementation of a IBM FileNet P8 Platform and needs to identify
the solution components. What are the IBM FileNet P8 V5.1 core components?
A. Content Engine, Process Engine, and Application Engine
B. Image Manager, Process Engine, Application Engine, Workplace XT and Rendition Engine
C. Content Engine, Process Engine, Application Engine, Workplace XT, and Rendition Engine
D. Content Engine, Process Engine, Application Engine, Workplace XT and Enterprise Records
Answer: C

A P8 Administrator from a company needs to turn on IBM FileNet Content Engine tracing for the
following servers: ce_clu_server3, ce_clu_server1. Please refer to the screenshot for more
What level of tracing should be configured to generated the desired logs?
A. Domain level.
B. Site level such as Initial Site.
C. Individual server level such as ce_clu_server3 and ce_clu_server1.
D. Virtual servers level such as W2K8-dP8nd2Node1 and W2K8-dP85ndNode01.
Answer: C

While configuring the LDAP settings in Configuration Manager to point to an Active Directory
server, an installer clicks the Test LDAP Connection button. A dialog box appears stating the test
has failed. Which Microsoft Windows Server event log would you check to help determine the
A. System event log
B. Directory Service event log
C. Active Directory Server event log
D. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol event log
Answer: B

A P8 administrator for a company just finished deploying IBM FileNet P8 V5.1. The administrator
wants to use FileNet Enterprise Manager (FEM) to logon to P8 to perform further tasks. An error
occurs immediately upon logging on to P8. The administrator would like to use log4j to
troubleshoot the issue. Which sample log4j file should the administrator use?
A. <install path>\FileNet\ContentEngine\samples\log4j.xml.server
B. <install path>\FileNet\ContentEngine\samples\
C. <install path>\FileNet\ContentEngine\config\samples\log4j.xml.server
D. <install path>\FileNet\ContentEngine\config\samples\
Answer: C

An upgrade to a basic IBM FileNet P8 V5.1 BPM installation from IBM FileNet P8 V4.0 is being
planned. To minimize the downtime the customer wants to do staged upgrades. The Application
Engine is at V4.0.2 with the latest fix pack already installed. What is the best way to determine
the impact of installing fix packs in planning for this scenario?
A. No extra planning is necessary as you always install the latest fix packs during any upgrade.
B. Use the IBM FileNet P8 V5.X Fix Pack Compatibility Matrix to determine which fix packs are compatible.
C. Go to Fix Central, review the fix pack Readme files for the new version applicable fix packs, and only
include those that are marked”REQUIRED”.
D. Go to Fix Central, review all the latest component fix pack Readme files for dependencies, and exclude
them if the fixes do not relate to thesystem.
Answer: B

A P8 administrator fails to logon to an IBM FileNet P8 V5.1 system when using Workplace XT.
FileNet Enterprise Manager (FEM) is able to connect to P8 without issues. The administrator
would like to use log4j with Workplace XT to further troubleshoot the issue. In which directory
should the log4j file be placed so that logging is enabled for Workplace XT?
A. <install path>/FileNet/Config/AE
B. <install path>/FileNet/Config/WebClient
C. <install path>/FileNet/CEClient/config/samples
D. <install path>/FileNet/AE/CE_API/config/samples
Answer: B

A consultant has installed an IBM FileNet Process Engine client fix pack on a 3 node, horizontally
load balanced Application Engine installation. After an interactive installation, some users are
seeing the same problem intermittently, rather than constantly, as it was before the fix pack was
installed. What could still be the issue?
A. The fix pack did not correct the problem.
B. The fix pack install script did not deploy the war file properly.
C. The fix pack installer did not delete an application server temp directory.
D. The fix pack install script did not delete an Application Server temp directory.
Answer: C

A P8 Administrator of a company would like to use vwtool to run a trace on region 2. What would
be the correct command to switch to region 2?
A. vwtool -region 2
B. vwtool:1>region 2
C. vwtool:2:>region 2
D. vwtool:1>regions 2
Answer: B

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