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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-Z14
Exam Name: Selling HP Network Security Solutions

Item 1 of 50 Mark item for review Your customer has come to you with a large, complex data center that requires enhanced security. When deciding which HP networking solution to pitch to the customer, which data-center specific security needs would be appropriate to consider in your decision?

A.    scalable, security requirements
B.    extensive deployment time
C.    de-centralized security policy management requirements
D.    limited virtualization

Answer: A

Which key security challenges are impacting network security today?

A.    consumerization, compliance, convergence, consolidation
B.    collaboration, compliance, consumerization, convergence
C.    compliance, convergence, consumerization, customization
D.    collaboration, customization, consumerization, convergence

Answer: A

Which security risks are minimized by utilizing HP Networking security products? (Select three.)

A.    security breaches
B.    recovery costs
C.    system stability
D.    system downtime
E.    number of attempted attacks
F.    data loss

Answer: ADF

How do HP Networking solutions enable businesses? (Select three.)

A.    They can safely open networks to customers and business partners.
B.    They isolate business processes.
C.    They create new security positions.
D.    They provide auditable results.
E.    They provide rapid deployment of security services and policies.
F.    They eliminate the need for additional security policies.

Answer: ADE

Which statement is true about the HP holistic approach to network security?

A.    Different security products working at different locations must work independently to implement the organizations’ desired policies.
B.    Similar security solutions have to be deployed at different locations to work well and enforce policies appropriately.
C.    The objective is to define and manage one security policy and coordinate all of your different security devices across the entire network in a seamless, coordinated fashion.
D.    A complete security solution should focus on centralized monitoring and management policies.

Answer: A

HP’s approach to security and policy enforcement includes the following goals: define once, enforce everywhere, and provide what kind of responses in real time?

A.    automated
B.    scalable
C.    immediate
D.    updated

Answer: A

On your initial sales call with a small startup company, you want to focus on presenting the three primary benefits of incorporating HP security solutions into their network. You begin your presentation by discussing how HP solutions reduce risk and reduce costs.
What is the third primary benefit?

A.    centralized policy management
B.    business enablement
C.    increased security policies
D.    integrated business processes

Answer: B

How do HP Networking security solutions reduce the costs of deploying and managing security systems in the network? (Select three.)

A.    Automated real-time threat mitigation lowers per-incident costs.
B.    Higher throughput of data increases reduced time to deployment.
C.    Centralized policy management reduces complexity, learning curve, and deployment time.
D.    Network-integrated solutions reduce deployment and management costs.
E.    Core-to-edge deployment eliminates the need for administrator intervention.
F.    Flexibility in deployment options reduces network downtime.

Answer: EAC

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