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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-634
Exam Name: Network Node Manager III – Advanced

The default popup menu on a selected node in the Dynamic Views allows you to ____. Select TWO.

A.    telnet to the node
B.    change the status of the node
C.    start a SSH session to the node
D.    perform trace route to the node
E.    view the alarms for that node
Select TWO.

Answer: AD

How do you display long label names for devices on a map?

A.    In a Dynamic View, select View -> Labels -> Long Name.
B.    In ovw, select View -> Labels -> Long Name.
C.    Use the -u option for the ipmap process.
D.    In a Dynamic View, right-click the device symbol and select Details.

Answer: A

What type of statistical information is available in the Polling/Analysis summary tab in NNM Home Base? Select TWO.

A.    nodes polled using SNMP
B.    nodes polled using ICMP
C.    interfaces polled using SNMP
D.    addresses polled using ICMP

Answer: CD

What are valid HSRP Group statuses in the HSRP view? Select TWO.

A.    major
B.    down
C.    standby
D.    unknown
E.    active

Answer: AD

The status of devices in Overlapping Address Domains are monitored by _____

A.    netmon
B.    ovet_poll
C.    ovet_oad
D.    ovet_disco
E.    ovtopmd

Answer: B

What does the OSPF table display? Select TWO.

A.    OSPF Link cost
B.    router input and output statistics
C.    OSPF threshold alarms
D.    neighbor router name and ID

Answer: AD

In NNM 7.01, a user reported that Status Polling tab is grayed out when selecting the menu Options -> Network Polling Configuration: IP/IPX, what can be the cause of this?

A.    The NNM process netmon is running behind on polling.
B.    The NNM process netmon is not running on the collection station.
C.    You are not logged in as root or Administrator on the system.
D.    Active Problem Analyzer is configured to monitor general IP nodes.

Answer: D

How do you start the Neighbor View from the Alarm Browser?

A.    Select Actions -> Views… -> Neighbor; or from the native Alarm Browser, select Actions -> Highlight Source On Map.
B.    Select Actions -> Views… -> Neighbor; but not possible from the native Alarm Browser.
C.    Double click on the selected alarm.
D.    Select Actions -> Views… -> Neighbor; or from the native Alarm Browser, select Actions -> Views -> Neighbor.

Answer: D

How do you print a large map onto multiple sheets of paper?

A.    Select File -> Poster Print Options…, then specify the number of rows and columns.
B.    Select a rectangular part of the graph and then select File -> Print Selected Area. Repeat the process for other parts of the graph.
C.    Use the Pan/View button and then move part of the graph into view and select File -> Print.
Repeat the process for other parts of the graph.
D.    Select File -> Grid Printing…, then specify the number of rows and columns.

Answer: A

How would you determine how long an interface has been in the critical status in Neighbor Views?

A.    Select the interface and then select the menu Fault -> Alarms.
B.    Right-click on the node and select Status.
C.    Right-click on the interface and select Status Poll.
D.    Place the cursor over the interface.

Answer: D

What is the best description of NNM Extended Topology recurring discovery?

A.    Recurring discovery updates discovered information between two discovery cycles.
B.    Recurring discovery updates data about the network continuously.
C.    Recurring discovery captures data about the network as it exists during a discovery cycle regardless of previously discovered information.
D.    Recurring discovery captures data about the network regarding previously discovered information.

Answer: C

What does NNM Extended Topology discover?

A.    ATM Information
B.    new devices using Layer 2 MIBs and protocols
C.    Layer 4 connections between devices
D.    new devices using VLAN information

Answer: A

Acme has just acquired a new company and must add new users and network services. When would they reconfigure their ET Zone Configuration.

A.    to create or change a map filter
B.    to load new MIBs for your devices
C.    to activate SNMP Agents on managed nodes
D.    to manage existing nodes that were previously unmanaged

Answer: D

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