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Business Information Management Foundation: EX0-112 Exam
EX0-112 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: EX0-112
Exam Name: Business Information Management Foundation
Q & A: 79 Q&As

What is a result of the process Specify information requirement?
A. a functional design
B. a list of functional and non-functional demands
C. an approved test strategy
Answer: B

Which responsibility belongs to the process Demand management?
A. determining the necessary capacity for change
B. periodic consultation of the end users
C. identification of information requirements within the business process
Answer: C

Which process determines whether an implementation plan is complete and correct?
A. Review and testing
B. Prepare transition
C. Design non-automated information systems
Answer: A

What is a result of the process cluster Functionality management?
A. a changed information provisioning, ready for implementation
B. a changed, tested and approved information provisioning that is being used
Answer: A

What is an objective of the process Change management?
A. making the correct decisions on the implementation of changes to the information provisioning
B. detailed monitoring of the progress of the changes
C. managing the implementation of the changes
Answer: A

Which activity belongs to the process Specify information requirements?
A. defining the global impact of a suggested change to the information provisioning
B. defining the impact of the suggested IT solution on the end user organization
C. defining how the IT solution interacts with the non-automated processes
Answer: B

What is an example of a change in terms of business information management?
A. installing Microsoft Word on a PC
B. entering a new user in an information system
C. adding a new data-item to a form as a result of a reorganization
Answer: C

Is information management part of the business information management domain?
A. yes
B. no
Answer: A

In which process is an implementation plan made?
A. Planning and resource management
B. Prepare transition
C. Design non-automated information systems
Answer: B

According to the customer database of a wholesaler, a customer is entitled to 15% discount on the
invoice total. After negotiation, the customer gets a discount of 20%. Who is responsible for
modifying the discount percentage for this customer in the customer database?
A. the business information manager
B. the end user organization
C. the technical infrastructure manager
Answer: B

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