Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass HP HP0-A22 Exam Questions

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-A22
Exam Name: NonStop Systems and Technologies

Which components can be found in a NonStop NS16000 series rack? (Select three.)

A.    VIO
B.    LSU
C.    SNDA
D.    IOMF2
E.    Blade Element
F.    maintenance switch

Answer: B E F

Which statement is correct concerning the Kernel Managed Swap Facility (KMSF)?

A.    Only one swap file is used for each processor.
B.    There may be more than one swap file opened for each processor.
C.    Each process is assigned its own operating system managed swap file.
D.    Process swap files within KMSF usually occupy more disk space than conventional swap files.

Answer: B

Which utility provides either a GUI or command line interface for monitoring the availability and performance of NonStop servers and the applications that run on them?

A.    OMF
B.    ASAP
C.    TPDC
D.    TPM/Insight

Answer: B

What is the tool for collecting performance statistics on a wide variety of system resources in a NonStop server?

A.    OMF
B.    TCM
C.    ASAP

Answer: D

When you are configuring KMSF swap file locations, which option offers a performance benefit?

A.    sharing the swap files on $SYSTEM
B.    placing the swap files on mirrored volumes
C.    distributing and balancing the swap files to multiple disk volumes
D.    putting one large swap file on a mirrored volume between a pair of CPUs

Answer: C

In the NonStop NS1000 series NSVA architecture, how many logical processors are provided by a single Blade Element?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    1
D.    4

Answer: C

In a NonStop NS16000 series system, in which range of Group Numbers are the processor elements located?

A.    100-103
B.    200-203
C.    300-303
D.    400-403

Answer: D

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