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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-K33
Exam Name: Selling HP Enterprise Storage Solutions

Your customer is struggling to manage its IT budget and has strict capital expenditure limits while, at the same time, is having difficulty keeping up with demands from the business What is the likely reason for the customer’s issues?

A.    The customer has too much data on disk. They need to install high performance tape libraries to
archive data off the disks.
B.    The customer’s storage is based on architectures developed twenty years ago. It is inadequate for
today’s requirements, and is causing overall costs to rise.
C.    The customer is buying storage on drives that do not have adequate capacity to be economic, they
need to buy much larger drives.
D.    The customer is using too much storage. They need to impose much stricter rules on personal storage management

Answer: A

Your customer has a disk-based backup solution with deduplication, but the network traffic is very high. How can HP help?

A.    HP ProLiant Gen8 servers will help reduce the network traffic through higher performance.
B.    HP StoreFabric has entry level 4Gb Fiber Channel switches that will provide the necessary bandwidth networks to deliver acceptable transfer of data from remote sites to the datacenter.
C.    HP StoreOnce has a federated deduplication engine and catalyst technology, so data can be optimized before it is transferred across the network.
D.    HP Networking can provide high bandwidth router networks carry the traffic with acceptable transit times.

Answer: B

Which application provides the best opportunity for video surveillance with HP StoreAll?

A.    CommVault Sympana
B.    Genetec Omincast
C.    HP Autonomy Consolidated Archive
D.    Object storage with the REST API

Answer: D

Your customer is new to virtualization. What should you do to ensure they develop a suitable storage model for future deployments?

A.    Refer them to a server specialist to see if they have enough application capacity
B.    Make an appointment to visit them after they have implemented server virtualization
C.    Provide a quote to expand their disk capacity to meet future demands
D.    Review their SAN storage infrastructure with a view to modernization

Answer: D

Which statement applies to HP Converged Storage?

A.    exploits proprietary architectures
B.    integrated management and scale-out software
C.    described as niche player by Gartner
D.    accelerates customer time to market

Answer: B
Explanation: (first para)

Your customer has a number of servers with dedicated storage running Windows applications. Which software is designed specifically for virtualized environments with HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000?

A.    HP 3PAR StoreServ Security Suite
B.    HP 3PAR StoreServ Application Suite for VMware
C.    HP 3PAR StoreServ Data Optimization Suite
D.    HP 3PAR StoreServ Application Suite for Exchange

Answer: B

What does the acronym WORM mean?

A.    Write-Once. Read-Many
B.    Write Only Read Memory
C.    Workshop on Ontologies: Reasoning and Modularity
D.    Workshop on Risk Management

Answer: A

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