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The purchase of ILE Premium is a pre-requisite for the purchase of ILE Standard.

A.    True
B.    False

Answer: B
ILE Premium is the more advanced product.

How can NDI help a customer with multiple types of intelligence (SIGINT and HUMINT) and data sources?

A.    Collaboration services
B.    Data acquisition capabilities, including federation
C.    Scalability
D.    Geospatial capabilities

Answer: A
Clients need to work collaboratively and requireinteroperability across all services.

What are the benefits of Project Aurora?

A.    Analysis and analytics at scale (100TB+).
B.    Recommendation engine
C.    Explore large scale datasets withadvanced visualizations
D.    All of the above

Answer: D
AURORA is an IBM Research project and the name of a traffic analysis and visualization system. The research project is targeted at flow-based network traffic analysis and visualization for very large networks.

EIA Standard allows data entry, exploration across multiple data sources and network visualization.

A.    True
B.    False

Answer: A
A multidimensional investigative analysis solution for intelligence analysis IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis(EIA)is an open, interoperable, extendable and scalable solution that helps organizations accelerate the data to decision process by enabling them to perform analysis and advanced analytics at scale and with critical speed. Whether your organization is challenged by large amounts of communications data or looking to turn disparate data into a clear operational picture, i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis can help you turn massive amounts of data into actionable insight in near real time to support timely decision-making.

NDI was created to help national security and defense organizations to:

A.    Create an interoperable intelligence information system
B.    Evaluate missions within a single operation
C.    A and B
D.    None of the above

Answer: C
IBM i2 National Security and Defense Intelligence.
Helps enable Defense and National Security
customers carry out intelligence exploitation. NDI provides data acquisition, multi-faceted intelligence analysis tools, mission decision making, situational awareness and collaboration capabilities.

Which of the following is not a benefit of the ILE solution?

A.    Improve officer safety
B.    Informant recruiting
C.    Share information across jurisdictions
D.    Access data by role

Answer: B

Hertfordshire Constabulary reported which of the following improvements after implementing i2 solutions?

A.    Annual savings of ?.3m
B.    20% reduction in headcount
C.    10% increase in detections
D.    A and C

Answer: D
Hertfordshire Constabularyimplemented a successful program to increase intelligence capabilities while reducing intelligence costs and simultaneously increasing detection rates and reducing crime.

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