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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-456
Exam Name: Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management 11g Sales Essentials Exam

The sales manager has accidentally created -several custom fields with incorrect data types. Identify the correct set of steps to be performed to correct the Field types for the new custom fields.

A.    Delete the fields and recreate the Fields.
B.    Modify the custom fields with correct Field types.
C.    Rename the fields, save, and go back and change the field types.
D.    Rename the fields, save, and create new fields with thecorrect field types.
E.    Remap the fields to the correct field types.

Answer: D

You do not use the Opportunity Past Performance report and would like to hide this report from your Opportunity Home pages. What is the best approach to accomplish this?

A.    Customizes your own page by using Edit Current Page from the Personalization menu.
B.    Only users with proper administrative rights can edit the Opportunity Page, by using Oracle Composer
C.    Edit the Opportunity page by using Oracle Composer.
D.    Select the proper Sandbox to customize by using Oracle Composer.
E.    Customize the Opportunity page by using Oracle Application Composer.

Answer: B

A customer has implemented Oracle Fusion Territory Management. The sales users are interested in previewing the sales accounts, opportunity revenue times, and leads that are assigned to them as part of the territory definition. Identify two options that would provide them with the preview option.

A.    Analysis
B.    Quota
C.    Assignment Preview
D.    Forecast
E.    Territory Preview

Answer: CD

Your organization has unique job role requirements for security set up in the Oracle Fusion application. Identify the best way to set up unique Job roles in the Fusion application.

A.    Create custom job rolesinthe fusion application that match the job titles exactly
B.    Use the Fusion application’s predefined duty roles and create or modify roles as necessary.
C.    Assign all the users to the Fusion application’s predefined duly roles.
D.    Use the IT Security Manager role to prevent or limit the duty tasks performed by the users.
E.    Create data roles that match each unique job role and assign them to each user.

Answer: E

Your company has asked you to customize the Oracle Fusion Customer page by using Oracle Composer. Select the three true statements.

A.    Page Composer is accessed by selecting the Manage Page Composer task and during down on the Customers hyperlink.
B.    Page Composer is accessed by navigating to the Customer page and selecting Administration > Customize from the global area.
C.    "Visibility" is a required value and is the first value that is set.
D.    "Visibility" is a required value that may be set at any point during the configuration process.
E.    Design View is the most appropriate view because it provides access to page layout components that are not otherwise exposed.
F.    Source View is the most appropriate view because it provides access to page layout components that are not otherwise exposed.

Answer: ADE

A customer has deployed Oracle Fusion management and wants to use Assessment templates to follow up on qualified leads.
Identify the three true statements about Assessments templates.

A.    A question group is a logical grouping of questions.
B.    A free form response will have an impact on the overall assessmentscore
C.    Assessment templates with Retired status are available for lead follow ups.
D.    All of the question weights within a template must total to exactly100.
E.    Task templates can be assigned to Assessment templates for follow-up activities.

Answer: ADE

An opportunity is limited to remain in particular sales; for example, 20 days. If the opportunity exceeds this limit, the opportunity is considered as____________.

A.    Outdated
B.    Stalled
C.    Lost
D.    Inactive
E.    Saturated

Answer: C

What happens when a salesperson updates the opportunity revenue items after a forecast is submitted and his or her manager has rejected the forecast?

A.    Forecast items are synchronized with the opportunity.
B.    Forecast items are synchronized with the opportunity only if Refresh from Opportunity at the forecast level is selected.
C.    Forecast items are synchronized with the opportunity only if Refresh from Opportunity at the opportunity level is selected.
D.    Forecast items are synchronized with the opportunity only if Refresh Cache at the forecast level is selected.
E.    Forecast items are not synchronized with the opportunity.

Answer: B

You have just attempted to import a flat file containing opportunity data. Although the import process completed, you do not see any of the data in the Fusion application.
How can you access more information to troubleshoot the issue?

A.    Drill down on the Import Activity’s Status field and open the log file.
B.    Drill down on the Import Activity’s Status field and open the exception file.
C.    Drill down on the Import Activity’sStatus field and open the error file.
D.    Open the log file that is automatically emailed to the administrator after the import process completes.
E.    Navigate to the import record in Oracle Web Services.

Answer: C

Identify three correct statements regarding lookups and lookup values.

A.    Standard lookups can be defined in any of the Standard, Common, or Set Enabled views.
B.    Lookups can be restricted to a specific module during lookup setup.
C.    In order for lookup changes to appear in the UI, the user must log out and log in again.
D.    Lookup values ran be configured with effective date and expiration date to enable/disable.
E.    Lookups can be configured with dynamic lists of values using tables.

Answer: ACE

You are the VP of Relations for your want to provide extra support to one of your largest customers. In order to offer your customer the best talent from among your resources, you decide to create a resource team. Which three components would you include within the resource team?

A.    individual resources
B.    roles within the resource team
C.    Resource Hierarchy
D.    Resource Organizations
E.    resource team organizational restrictions

Answer: ABD

The design team would like to make changes to the Sales dashboard for the sales VP in Oracle Fusion Sales. What is the navigation path to make the changes?

A.    Oracle Composer> Sales Dashboard > Customize Home Pages > Sales VP
B.    Sales Dashboard > Administration> Customize Home Pages >Job Role
C.    Administration> Oracle Composer > Personalization> Sales Account Region
D.    Sales Dashboard > Personalization > Customization Manager> Job Role
E.    Sales Dashboard > Administration > Customization Manager> Sales VP

Answer: E

Your company is evaluating the Oracle Fusion Sales application and has unique business requirements that require using custom objects as part of the implementation. Which three Oracle Fusion applications support custom objects as part of the implementation?

A.    Oracle Fusion Common CRM
B.    Oracle Fusion Customer Center
C.    Oracle Fusion Sales
D.    Oracle Fusion Marketing
E.    Oracle Fusion Sales catalog

Answer: BCD

A territory manager wants to change territories and the criteria for assignment of sales representatives to leads and opportunities in Oracle Fusion Sales. During territory update, change to the dimensions, metrics, and utilization of the synchronization process have to be carried out in the ____________.

A.    Productive environment
B.    Test environment
C.    Stage environment
D.    Production instance
E.    Proposal environment

Answer: C

While configuring the Oracle Fusion CRM application, you have been asked to include legacy data within trading community. Which lookup in used to complete this task?

A.    Standard lookup
B.    Set-enabled lookup
C.    Common lookup
D.    Any lookup type can be used for this task.
E.    Lookups are not appropriate for this task.

Answer: C

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