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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-K10
Exam Name: Supporting MSL5000/6000 Series Libraries

What is an architectural requirement for adaptive tape speed (ATS)?

A.    cache buffer
B.    stepper motor
C.    start/stop mode
D.    variable head rotation

Answer: A

The MSL6000 Series Tape Library has an Ultra3 SCSI interface. What is the standard bandwidth?

A.    40 MB/s
B.    80 MB/s
C.    160 MB/s
D.    320 MB/s

Answer: C

A tape library is equipped with a low-voltage differential (LVD) SCSI interface. What happens if this library is connected to a high-voltage differential (HVD) host bus adapter?

A.    The SCSI bus becomes inoperative.
B.    The SCSI interface changes to HVD mode.
C.    The speed of the SCSI bus degrades to LVD.
D.    The host bus adapter switches to LVD mode.

Answer: A

What is a characteristic of SCSI bus termination?

A.    optional
B.    only required for low-voltage differential SCSI
C.    required with one terminator for each device on the bus
D.    required with two terminators, one at each end of the bus

Answer: D

What happens to the devices when a high-voltage differential tape device is connected with a single-ended host bus adapter (HBA)?

A.    They do not function together and you may damage them.
B.    They do not function together unless you use active termination.
C.    They function correctly after you set up the compatibility mode in the HBA.
D.    They function correctly if you set up unique SCSI IDs and proper termination.

Answer: A

Identify the correct statement about logical unit numbers (LUNs) in SCSI.

A.    LUNs are virtual devices used for administration.
B.    LUNs are used to address physical or logical devices behind a SCSI ID.
C.    The number of LUNs available on a SCSI bus depends on the signaling type of the bus.
D.    LUNs are not used to address devices when doing a SCSI I/O over a Fibre Channel fabric.

Answer: B

What is the maximum bandwidth of a wide Ultra SCSI bus with 16 possible SCSI IDs?

A.    160 MB/s and an LVD interface
B.    80 MB/s and an SE or LVD interface
C.    40 MB/s and an SE or HVD (high-voltage differential) interface
D.    20 MB/s and an SE (single ended) or LVD (low-voltage differential) interface

Answer: C

Which reference document is recommended to locate the most recent supported configurations?

A.    User Guide
B.    QuickSpecs
C.    Installation Guide
D.    EBS Compatibility Matrix

Answer: D

Why would you use a Network Storage Router E1200-160 instead of an E1200?

A.    if you use Ultrium 960 drives
B.    if you need more SCSI ports
C.    if you need more Fibre Channel ports
D.    if you need high-voltage differential instead of low-voltage differential SCSI

Answer: A

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