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Vendor: Hitachi
Exam Code: HH0-280
Exam Name: HDS Implementation Specialist-Storage Management

Which two methods does Hitachi Dynamic Tiering use for optimizing tiered storage? (Choose two.)

A.    The most active V-VOLs move to the highest tier.
B.    The capacity of the highest tiers are fully utilized.
C.    The most active pages move to the highest tier.
D.    The capacity of the lowest tiers are fully utilized.

Answer: BC

Which two valid actions can you perform on a Hitachi VSP to help prevent a Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) pool from running out of space? (Choose two.)

A.    Create a new pool and concatenate it with the existing pool.
B.    Create new Basic LDEVs out of free space and use them to expand your pool.
C.    Issue a Reclaim Zero Pages on the HDP Pool-VOLs.
D.    Issue a Reclaim Zero Pages on the HDP V-VOLs.

Answer: BD

Which two Hitachi products can you use to monitor the Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) Pool capacity? (Choose two.)

A.    Hitachi Device Manager
B.    Hitachi Provisioning Manager
C.    Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager
D.    Hitachi RAID Manager/CCI

Answer: AD

You have installed Hitachi Tuning Manager (HTnM) and Tiered Storage Manager (HTSM). Which action must you perform to have array group busy performance data visible in HTSM?

A.    Run the jpcnshostname -s <host-name> command.
B.    Edit the file on the HTSM server
C.    Run the jpcasrec output -o <file-name> DA1agent-name[server-name] command.
D.    Edit the file "file-name" in the output of the jpcaspsv -o <file-name> DS1agent-name[server- name] command.

Answer: B

Your customer is running z/OS and they have one Hitachi VSP. They need additional capacity for backups. They inform you that they have recently acquired a Hitachi AMS2500 with 200 SAS disks from another department. They would like to know if it possible to use the AMS2500 as a target for backups. What is your recommendation?

A.    Use Hitachi Volume Migrator and FlashCopy.
B.    Use Cross System Copy and TrueCopy for z/OS.
C.    Use Hitachi Universal Replicator and Copy-on-Write.
D.    Use Universal Volume Manager and ShadowImage for z/OS.

Answer: D

What are three features of Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning? (Choose three.)

A.    Storage allocations can exceed the amount of storage physically installed.
B.    Physical storage capacity can be added without an application service interruption.
C.    Storage allocated to an application is not physically mapped until it is used.
D.    Allocated storage will automatically reclaim pages that contain all zeros.
E.    The "discard zero data" operation can be performed on pool volumes.

Answer: ABC

What are two key features of Universal Volume Manager (UVM)? (Choose two.)

A.    It integrates heterogeneous systems.
B.    It enables deployment of multi-tiered storage.
C.    It migrates multi-tiered storage data non-disruptively.
D.    It provides performance data of multi-tiered storage.

Answer: AB

The HDS Global Support Center has requested Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager (HTSM) log files. Which command should be used to collect the log files?

A.    hcmdsgetlogs /dir :\Logs?hcmdsgetlogs /dir ?:\Logs
B.    htsmgetlogs /dir "C:\Logs"
C.    hcmdhtsmgetlogs /dir "C:\Logs"
D.    hcmdssrvgetlogs /dir "C:\Logs"

Answer: A

An error has occurred during a volume migration task within Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager (HTSM). What should be performed before contacting customer support?

A.    Restart the HiRDB service.
B.    Check the log and collect maintenance information.
C.    Check error status, message manual, log files and collect maintenance information.
D.    Restart the HTSM service, check message manual and collect maintenance information.

Answer: C

A customer is deploying a new Hitachi Dynamic Tiering pool for a new application. The pool will have SSD, SAS and External Storage. They would like to increase the chances of a new page allocation going to the SAS tier by increasing the buffer space for new page assignment. Which command can they use to increase this buffer?

A.    raidvchkset
B.    raidcom
C.    aupool
D.    raidar

Answer: B

A Hitachi VSP customer has a Hitachi AMS2300 attached as external storage using Universal Volume Manager (UVM). The customer plans to deploy a Microsoft Exchange solution using LUNs mapped from the external storage system. Which statement is correct?

A.    LUNs on the local storage system must be presented to the external storage system.
B.    LUNs on the external storage system must be presented to the local storage system.
C.    AMS internal LDEVs do not need to be formatted before presenting to the local storage system.
D.    Initiator ports on the VSP must use Host Storage Groups.

Answer: B

A Hitachi AMS2500 storage system is connected to a Hitachi USP V as external storage in a dual path configuration. The customer experienced a power outage on the AMS and all virtualized volumes in the USP V are blocked. What must be done within Universal Volume Manager after the AMS gets back online?

A.    Perform "Check Paths & Restore Volume" for all affected volumes.
B.    Disconnect the AMS storage system and initiate a new discovery process.
C.    Change the paths status to online after UVM has recovered the volumes automatically.
D.    Delete all paths to all affected volumes and perform "Check Paths & Restore Volume" for all affected volumes.

Answer: A

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