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The security team would like to gather intelligence about the types of attacks being launched against the organization. Which of the following would provide them with the MOST information?

A.    Implement a honeynet
B.    Perform a penetration test
C.    Examine firewall logs
D.    Deploy an IDS

Answer: A

After recovering from a data breach in which customer data was lost, the legal team meets with the Chief Security Officer (CSO) to discuss ways to better protect the privacy of customer data.
Which of the following controls support this goal?

A.    Contingency planning
B.    Encryption and stronger access control
C.    Hashing and non-repudiation
D.    Redundancy and fault tolerance

Answer: B

A security engineer, Joe, has been asked to create a secure connection between his mail server and the mail server of a business partner. Which of the following protocol would be MOST appropriate?

B.    SSH
C.    FTP
D.    TLS

Answer: D

A new network administrator is setting up a new file server for the company. Which of the following would be the BEST way to manage folder security?

A.    Assign users manually and perform regular user access reviews
B.    Allow read only access to all folders and require users to request permission
C.    Assign data owners to each folder and allow them to add individual users to each folder
D.    Create security groups for each folder and assign appropriate users to each group

Answer: D

A recent vulnerability scan found that Telnet is enabled on all network devices. Which of the following protocols should be used instead of Telnet?

A.    SCP
B.    SSH
C.    SFTP
D.    SSL

Answer: B

A network engineer is setting up a network for a company. There is a BYOD policy for the employees so that they can connect their laptops and mobile devices.
Which of the following technologies should be employed to separate the administrative network from the network in which all of the employees’ devices are connected?

A.    VPN
B.    VLAN
C.    WPA2
D.    MAC filtering

Answer: B

A network administrator is asked to send a large file containing PII to a business associate.
Which of the following protocols is the BEST choice to use?

A.    SSH
B.    SFTP
C.    SMTP
D.    FTP

Answer: B

When performing the daily review of the system vulnerability scans of the network Joe, the administrator, noticed several security related vulnerabilities with an assigned vulnerability identification number. Joe researches the assigned vulnerability identification number from the vendor website. Joe proceeds with applying the recommended solution for identified vulnerability.
Which of the following is the type of vulnerability described?

A.    Network based
B.    IDS
C.    Signature based
D.    Host based

Answer: C

A malicious individual is attempting to write too much data to an application’s memory. Which of the following describes this type of attack?

A.    Zero-day
B.    SQL injection
C.    Buffer overflow
D.    XSRF

Answer: C

Ann, a security administrator, wishes to replace their RADIUS authentication with a more secure protocol, which can utilize EAP. Which of the following would BEST fit her objective?

A.    CHAP
B.    SAML
C.    Kerberos
D.    Diameter

Answer: D

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