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A computer is suspected of being compromised by malware. The security analyst examines the computer and finds that a service called Telnet is running and connecting to an external website over port 443. This Telnet service was found by comparing the system’s services to the list of standard services on the company’s system image. This review process depends on:

A.    MAC filtering.
B.    system hardening.
C.    rogue machine detection.
D.    baselining.

Answer: D

A software developer wants to prevent stored passwords from being easily decrypted. When the password is stored by the application, additional text is added to each password before the password is hashed. This technique is known as:

A.    symmetric cryptography.
B.    private key cryptography.
C.    salting.
D.    rainbow tables.

Answer: C

In which of the following steps of incident response does a team analyze the incident and determine steps to prevent a future occurrence?

A.    Mitigation
B.    Identification
C.    Preparation
D.    Lessons learned

Answer: D

A security technician has been asked to recommend an authentication mechanism that will allow users to authenticate using a password that will only be valid for a predefined time interval. Which of the following should the security technician recommend?

A.    CHAP
B.    TOTP
C.    HOTP
D.    PAP

Answer: B

A security administrator must implement a wireless encryption system to secure mobile devices’ communication. Some users have mobile devices which only support 56-bit encryption. Which of the following wireless encryption methods should be implemented?

A.    RC4
B.    AES
C.    MD5
D.    TKIP

Answer: A

After a security incident involving a physical asset, which of the following should be done at the beginning?

A.    Record every person who was in possession of assets, continuing post-incident.
B.    Create working images of data in the following order: hard drive then RAM.
C.    Back up storage devices so work can be performed on the devices immediately.
D.    Write a report detailing the incident and mitigation suggestions.

Answer: A

Which of the following is the GREATEST security risk of two or more companies working together under a Memorandum of Understanding?

A.    Budgetary considerations may not have been written into the MOU, leaving an entity to absorb
more cost than intended at signing.
B.    MOUs have strict policies in place for services performed between the entities and the penalties
for compromising a partner are high.
C.    MOUs are generally loose agreements and therefore may not have strict guidelines in place to
protect sensitive data between the two entities.
D.    MOUs between two companies working together cannot be held to the same legal standards as SLAs.

Answer: C

Joe, a user, reports to the system administrator that he is receiving an error stating his certificate has been revoked. Which of the following is the name of the database repository for these certificates?

A.    CSR
B.    OSCP
C.    CA
D.    CRL

Answer: D

A software company has completed a security assessment. The assessment states that the company should implement fencing and lighting around the property. Additionally, the assessment states that production releases of their software should be digitally signed. Given the recommendations, the company was deficient in which of the following core security areas? (Select TWO).

A.    Fault tolerance
B.    Encryption
C.    Availability
D.    Integrity
E.    Safety
F.    Confidentiality

Answer: DE

A user was reissued a smart card after the previous smart card had expired. The user is able to log into the domain but is now unable to send digitally signed or encrypted email. Which of the following would the user need to perform?

A.    Remove all previous smart card certificates from the local certificate store.
B.    Publish the new certificates to the global address list.
C.    Make the certificates available to the operating system.
D.    Recover the previous smart card certificates.

Answer: B

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