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CLARiiON Solutions Expert Exam for Storage Administrators: E20-822 Exam
E20-822 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: E20-822
Exam Name: CLARiiON Solutions Expert Exam for Storage Administrators
Q & A: 132 Q&As

Part: A
1: A customer runs its critical Oracle environment through a Fibre Channel connection to a
CX3-40c. In order to leverage the existing iSCSI connections, management decides to allocate a
small amount of storage to support several Windows file servers. The customer needs to make
certain that the Oracle SLA is not impacted by the non-critical Windows file servers. Which
solution do you recommend?
A.Use Navisphere Quality of Service Manager to set limits on applications connected through
B.Change the write aside cache value for Windows LUNs
C.Use Navisphere Service Taskbar to assign a higher SLA to the Oracle environment
D.CX3-40c will automatically assign higher priority to FC connections over iSCSI
Correct Answers: A

2: Click the Exhibit button.
The application using LUN 21 performs mainly 16 kB I/O operations. What is true of LUN 21?
A.Read performance would improve if read cache was increased from 250 MB to 500 MB
B.The application performs mainly read-modify-write-read operations
C.The read cache hit ratio is above 50%
D.The read I/O access pattern is largely random
Correct Answers: D

3: You are a storage administrator who has been tasked with sizing a database LUN for an
Exchange 2007 mailbox server. You have been provided with the following information regarding
basic capacity requirements:
450 users
200 MB mailbox size
2.5 MB mail sent\day  Deleted items retained for 14 days
Deleted mailboxes retained for 30 days
You have also been provided with additional information regarding usage and maintenance
Online maintenance takes 3 days to complete
Approximately five mailboxes are deleted during an average month
Content indexing will not be performed
Offline maintenance will be performed on a separate LUN
Which approximate LUN size will satisfy the listed requirements and still allow for 20% yearly
A.145 GB
B.175 GB
C.355 GB
D.455 GB
Correct Answers: B

4: Click the Exhibit button.
A customer is complaining that SAN Copy sessions from CLARiiON-A to CLARiiON-B take
substantially longer than from those to CLARiiON-C. All hosts have 4 Gb/s HBAs. All Cisco
equipment is base hardware configurations.
Which component is causing the issue?
Correct Answers: B

5: A new CLARiiON arrives at a customer’s site and an EMC Customer Engineer performs the
physical installation. The storage administrator is under a lot of pressure to have the array online
and in production by the end of the week. The storage administrator selects several Windows and
Solaris servers for the initial production rollout. The storage requirements have been agreed upon
and the storage administrator creates 30 LUNs of various sizes based upon EMC best practices.
The administrator works with the server team to install HBAs, update settings, install EMC
software, and then perform the necessary cabling and zoning requirements. After the hosts
successfully register with the CLARiiON array, the Windows and Solaris administrators state each
server has 30 LUNs allocated.
What does the storage administrator need to accomplish to ensure each server has access to the
appropriate LUNs?
A.Create the appropriate storage groups
B.Disable Access Logix
C.Enable Access Logix
D.Fix the incorrect zones
Correct Answers: C

6: A customer has set up a disaster recovery site 50 miles (81 km) away from their production site.
The customer is using MirrorView/S over IP with the Write Intent Log enabled. In addition, they
have a dedicated 45 Mb/s line with a latency of 2 ms. During the testing of the automated solution
for disaster recovery, an administrator accidentally disables the Write Intent Log. What is the
likely outcome of this error if a secondary image becomes fractured?
A.The fracture log will continue to maintain a log of changed blocks.
B.The fracture log will continue to persistently maintain a log of changed blocks.
C.The Write Intent Log will flush all records of changes.
D.The Write Intent Log will hold change records up to the point where it was disabled.
Correct Answers: A

7: Click the Exhibit button.
Based on the exhibit, what happened between 05:21 A.M. and 06:56 A.M.?
A.CLARiiON back-end port was disconnected
B.CLARiiON front-end port was disconnected
C.MirrorView connection failed
D.SAN Copy connection failed
Correct Answers: C

8: A customer has two 50 GB MirrorView/S mirrored LUNs between two CX3-40s without a Write Intent Log. LUN1 is on SP A and LUN2 is on SP B. The two CX3-40s are connected via
dedicated Fibre Channel links.
During the nightly maintenance window, the connection between SP A on the local array and SP A
on the remote array is lost for 2 minutes. SP B is unaffected. When the customer logs in the next
morning, they notice that LUN1 has a status of “attention” and is still fractured.
What caused this behavior?
A.Auto recovery is not possible on the CLARiiON
B.Missing Write Intent Log
C.Recovery policy is set to Manual
D.SP A set the affected front-end FC port administratively down
Correct Answers: C

9: A customer has a 300 GB application LUN on which they would like to take a snapshot. The
LUN will later be presented to a backup host for testing. The production LUN stays idle during the
backup test. The testing process performed by the backup host is write intensive and will change
all the data on the LUN during the test period. What is the minimum required Reserved LUN Pool
A.220 GB
B.420 GB
C.620 GB
D.820 GB
Correct Answers: B

10: A customer has an SQL database that initiates a clone for reporting nstance by accounting
The clone is mounted read-only on an alternate host. The production LUN is RAID 1/0 and is 750
GB in size.
The SP event logs indicate that the clone LUN was trespassed during the synchronization. What is
the status of the clone?
A.Peer SP continues the operation but the clone is corrupt
B.Peer SP fractures the clone and will need manual resynchronization
C.Peer SP halts the operation and the clone is now corrupted
D.Peer SP will continue the synchronization and the clone remains usable
Correct Answers: D

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