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Storage Management Specialist Exam For Storage Adminsitrator: E20-582 Exam
E20-582 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: E20-582
Exam Name: Storage Management Specialist Exam For Storage Adminsitrator
Q & A: 126 Q&As

Part: A
1: What are the four [4] types of Workload Analyzer-related Data Collection Policies that can be
configured and enabled within the ControlCenter Console?
A.WLA Daily
B.WLA Analyst
C.WLA Retention
D.WLA Revolving
E.WLA Summary
F.WLA Scheduled
Correct Answers: A B C D

2: What are the two [2] main report categories in the StorageScope main screen?
C.Billed customers
D.Allocated storage
E.Service consumers
Correct Answers: B E

3: A portion of your user community is experiencing performance issues every Friday from 3:00
PM to 4:00 PM. You have determined that the servers experiencing this issue are all connected
to the same Symmetrix. You determine that WLA is the best tool to analyze the performance on
the Symmetrix during this time period. You determine that the only WLA DCP currently enabled
is WLA Daily with the default interval.
What is the best method for determining the cause of this issue?
A.Utilize the currently enabled WLA Daily Collection with default interval.
B.In the Console left hand tree under Administration\Data Collection Policies\Policy
Templates\Workload Analyzer Archiver\WLA Analyst create and utilize a new WLA Analyst
C.In the Console left hand tree under Administration\Data Collection Policies\Policy
Templates\Storage Agent for Symmetrix\WLA Analyst create and utilize a new WLA Analyst
D.In the Console left hand tree under Administration\Data Collection Policies\Policy
Templates\Workload Analyzer Archiver\WLA Revolving create and utilize a new WLA Revolving
Correct Answers: C

4: Which three [3] characteristics describe the ControlCenter Repository?
A.An embedded SQL database
B.A repository for historical data
C.An embedded Oracle database
D.A single unique component in a ControlCenter Infrastructure
E.A component which maintains storage configuration data in real time
Correct Answers: B C D

5: Click the Task button.
In the Navisphere GUI, what is the correct sequence of tasks necessary to assign a LUN to a host?
Correct Answers:
6: Which cluster configuration is supported for the installation of ControlCenter components?
A.Active/Active dual node
B.Active/Active single node
C.Active/Passive dual node
D.Active/Passive single node
Correct Answers: C

7: Which statement contains the correct Navisphere CLI syntax to display storage group
A.navicli -h SPA -a storagegroup name scoop_1
B.navicli -h SPA -a storagegroup -list scoop_1
C.navicli -h SPA storagegroup -list -gname scoop_1
D.navicli -h SPA -a storagegroup -list -gname scoop_1
Correct Answers: C

8: Host Managed Objects in the console are created when a Master Agent is installed on the host
and started. What is another way that a Host Managed Object can appear in a ControlCenter
A.Host Agent Installation
B.Connectivity Discovery
C.ESN Manager Migration
D.Assisted Discovery of an array
Correct Answers: C

9: You are looking at the ControlCenter Console. In the tree on the left hand side of the Console
under Hosts you see that your host has been discovered. Which four [4] communication steps
have taken place between the ControlCenter tiers to allow your host to be viewed in the Console?
A.Store forwards information to the Server
B.Server retrieves information from the Store
C.Store forwards information to the Repository
D.Console requests information from the Server
E.Server retrieves information from the Repository
F.Master Agent collects data and forwards it to the Store
Correct Answers: C D E F

10: Click the Exhibit button.
On the sample Enterprise Storage window shown, what does the capital “U” icon next to Host
“UNIX2” indicate?
Correct Answers: C

11: Which three [3] items are features of EMC VisualSRM?
D.Intelligent Actions
E.Topology Reports
Correct Answers: B C D

12: Which description best describe Data Collection Policies (DCP’s)?
A.A set of schedules to retrieve data from the Repository
B.A set of schedules to send SNMP traps to third-party frameworks
C.A formal set of statements that collects object data via ControlCenter agents
D.A formal set of statements that manages object data via ControlCenter agents
Correct Answers: C

13: What are three [3] important performance benefits of CLARiiON cache memory?
A.Mirroring write cache
B.Absorbing bursts of writes into cache
C.Performing forced flushing of the cache
D.Satisfying user read requests from cache
E.Merging several writes to the same disk area into a single operation
Correct Answers: B D E

14: Which statement best describes CLARiiON metaLUN expansion?
A.A metaLUN can be expanded
B.A metaLUN cannot be expanded
C.Only a striped metaLUN can be expanded
D.Only a concatenated metaLUN can be expanded
Correct Answers: A

15: Which three [3] items can be configured in a VisualSRM Report Job?
A.List of Reports
B.Report output format
C.Threshold trigger levels
D.Data gathering schedule
E.Report generation schedule
Correct Answers: A B E

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