Free Download HP HP0-D23 Practice Tests with PDF & VCE

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-D23
Exam Name: Architecting HP CloudSystem Solutions – Delta Exam

An end user requested an HP Infrastructure Orchestration service from the self-service portal. After a few minutes, he realizes that he made a mistake and wants to cancel the request. Which statement is true in this solution?

A.    This job can only be cancelled by a member of the HPIO_Administrator group.
B.    This job can be cancelled by this user in the My Request tab.
C.    This job cannot be cancelled because it is already in an active state.
D.    This job can be cancelled by this user in the My Services tab.

Answer: B

Microsoft Office 365 is an example of which cloud service model?

A.    Software as a Service
B.    Platform as a Service
C.    Infrastructure as a Service
D.    Cloud as a Service

Answer: A

The Prod department is determining budget numbers for the next fiscal year and would like to know if the projected growths of 15% exceed the current cloud infrastructure resources. Which HP tool can the cloud administrator use to verify how historical workloads have fit in the environment and forecast resource utilization based on supplied growth numbers?

A.    Matrix OE capacity planning
B.    Data Center Smart Grid
C.    SiteScope
D.    Insight Control performance management

Answer: A

HP Converged Infrastructure provides resources to which HP Cloud Functional Reference Architecture layer?

A.    Supply
B.    Portal and Service Access
C.    Delivery
D.    Demand

Answer: C

Which activity can be accomplished without cloud administrator intervention/approval?

A.    Changing the deactivation action to de-provision
B.    Reducing the number of complete resources
C.    Reducing the lease period for a service
D.    Reactivating an expired service

Answer: D

It is January and the Development department is working on a new application. They are using servers for their development environment. Management decides that the development department should work on a problem in the current application for the next two months. They will use another service for troubleshooting. In April, they will start working on the new application again. What should the development department do with the new application development service?

A.    Extend the lease to a date past April.
B.    Delete the service and recreate in April.
C.    Change the lease start to April.
D.    Reduce the lease to February and reactivate in April.

Answer: D

What is an advantage of Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)?

A.    Enhanced bandwidth and availability
B.    Need for routing eliminated
C.    Spanning Tree Protocol support
D.    Integrated HP CloudSystem deployment

Answer: B

Which core component is provided by the HP CloudSystem Service Provider solution and is not available with HP CloudSystem Matrix or HP CloudSystem Enterprise?

A.    Network Automation
B.    Operations Orchestration
C.    Storage Provisioning Manager
D.    Aggregation Platform for SaaS

Answer: C

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