Free Download Avaya 3601 Practice Tests with PDF & VCE (11-20)

During a software image upgrade, how does the VSP 9000 identify the release to be activated?

A.    The switch reads the release info from the load ID.
B.    The switch reads the release information from the zip file metadata.
C.    The technician uses the command software patch add “release name”.
D.    The technician uses the command software activate “Release Name”.

Answer: C

To which facility does the VSP 9000 allow the mapping of errors to be specified?

A.    events facility
B.    Local 0- Local 7
C.    log facility archive
D.    Directory 0 – Directory 5

Answer: B

A team of Engineers were tasked to install and configure a large network, consisting of VSP 9000 as the core and number of distribution clusters of VSP 9000 and ERS 8800/8600, VLANs, IST, Split MultiLink Trunking (SMLT), Routed Split MultiLink Trunking (RSMLT), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Multicasting using Protocol Independent Multicast ?Sparse-Mode (PIM SM). In addition, VRF-lite had to be configured within the network. To test functionality before handover, which tools should be considered?

A.    Checkshow vlan basic, show ip interface, show ip route, show ip vrf, show in multicast show Internal Border Gateway Protocol (IBGP).
B.    Validate the running and save configuration, then check vlans, ip addresses,dynamic routes for OSPFand BGP.
C.    To validatethe configuration, test fromEdge-to-Edge, and Client-to-Server.
D.    Validation the configuration would involve testing allthe Services end-to end while resetting, links, switches and routers.

Answer: B

Which service class addresses delay-sensitive traffic?

A.    Standard
B.    Gold
C.    Network Control
D.    Premium

Answer: D

Whit must be loaded or created on the VSP 9000 to use SNMPv3 with Data Encryption Standard (DES) or Advanced Encryption Algorithm (AES) to access the switch?

A.    adedicatedView-based Access Control Module (VACM) table
B.    a dedicated Avaya Management Information Base (MIB) view table
C.    the encryption module
D.    the agentconformancemodule

Answer: C

There is indication of traffic loss in the VSP 9000.
What is the first thing a technician should do to determine the cause of this problem?

A.    Check the traffic counters.
B.    Ensure all the cards are up.
C.    Ensure that sufficient ports are active.
D.    Check the projected traffic levels.

Answer: A

A technician is looking Into a possible IST problem on a VSP 9000 that is running SMLTv2. Given the difference between SMLTv2 and SMLTv1, which statement describes an issue to be considered?

A.    The MultiLinkTrunking (MLT) IDs must be globally unique with SMITv2.
B.    The SMITv2 ID is configurable.
C.    All MLTs may be SMLTs with v2.
D.    Link state messages are carried over the v2 MLT ports.

Answer: A

A technician is configuring default and static routes on a VSP 9000.
What is required for the default or static route to appear in the routing table?

A.    The static routes must be configured first.
B.    The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Announce policy must be created.
C.    The next-hop address must be reachable via the current routing table.
D.    The default-route reply/announce interface parameter must be enabled.

Answer: C

In the event of a critical process crash on a CP module, which file or log is written to disk?

A.    config file
B.    core file
C.    system log file
D.    all memory logs

Answer: C

In the VSP 9000 software, preferences can be configured to determine the precedence given to one type of route over another. What is required to modify the preference for a static route?

A.    All entries must be in alphabetic order.
B.    Disable the static route before editing the configuration.
C.    Disable route filtering before working on the configuration.
D.    Delete it from the routing table, then re-configure it with the new preference.

Answer: B

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