Free CCNP Voice CVOICE v8.0 642-437 Exam Questions (16-20)


Which command should be included in order to trust the DSCP-marked traffic from the distribution layer? qos trust cos trust dscp-cos qos trust dscp qos trust dscp-cos

Answer: C




Refer to the exhibit. Your company’s QoS policy states that all traffic that is arriving at access layer switches from IP phones should be marked with a DSCP value of 46 and that all untagged traffic that is arriving from a PC that is attached to an IP phone should be marked with a CoS value of 1. Which two options will satisfy the requirements for the CoS-to-DSCP map and are the correct QoS commands? (Choose two.) qos 1 qos map cos-dscp 0 10 18 26 34 46 48 56 qos cos 1 qos map dscp 0 8 16 26 32 40 48 56 qos map cos 0 8 18 26 40 48 50 56 qos dscp 1

Answer: BC



Calculate how many IP phone calls can be sent across a 64 kbps Frame Relay link that uses the 729 codec being sampled 50 times a second, 20 bytes a sample, and has 6 bytes of Frame Relay

header overhead with no checksum and uses header compression.





Answer: C



Which three methods are used by a Cisco Unified Border Element to provide network hiding? (Choose three.) 

A.Back-to-back user agent, replacing all H.323-embedded IP addressing

B.IP network security boundary

C.Media flow-through 


E.IP network privacy and topology hiding

F.Intelligent IP address translation for RTP flows

Answer: BEF



Which of the following describes SIP Early Offer?

A.In SIP Early Offer mode, the SDP media capabilities are sent in the INVITE message of the calling device.

B.SIP Early Offer always uses session indicator 183.

C.In SIP Early Offer mode, the SDP media capabilities are sent in the 200 OK messages of the calling device.

D.In SIP Early Offer mode, the INVITE and the 200 OK messages use non-SDP message format to indicate SIP Early Offer. 

Answer: A

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