Free CCNP Voice CVOICE v8.0 642-437 Exam Questions (11-15)

Refer to the exhibit. When an inbound PSTN call from 4087071222 arrives at the ISDN port that is shown in the exhibit, which dial peer will be matched for the inbound leg?

A.    Dial-peer 123, because destination-pattern takes precedence over answer-address.
B.    Dial-peer 2123, because answer-address takes precedence over destination-pattern.
C.    The matching inbound dial peer will be selected at random.
D.    Although dial-peer 2123 takes precedence, it will not be matched because the command direct- inward-dial is missing.
E.    Dial-peer 123 will be matched because dial-peer 2123 will strip all the digits.

Answer: B

What is the decimal equivalent of the DSCP value AF21?

A.    16
B.    17
C.    18
D.    21

Answer: C

If a packet is marked with an IP precedence value of 011, what is the corresponding binary DSCP class-selector value?

A.    000011
B.    011110
C.    011000
D.    011010
E.    011100

Answer: C

In which situation would the trust boundary be located at the access layer?

A.    if the endpoints, both IP phones and PCs, are incapable of marking traffic properly
B.    if PCs are switched through an IP phone and the IP phone traffic can be trusted to mark both traffic streams properly
C.    if the access layer switch cannot trust or re-mark incoming traffic from endpoints properly
D.    if there are endpoints that cannot be trusted and connect directly to the distribution layer

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. How does a switch port that receives marked traffic from a Cisco IP phone use the mls qos trust cos command?

A.    The CoS setting is modified according to the CoS-to-DSCP map.
B.    CoS is used to select the ingress and egress queues.
C.    For non-IP packets, the CoS is set to 7 and DSCP-to-CoS mapping is not applied.
D.    The DSCP-to-CoS map is applied.

Answer: A