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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-H19
Exam Name: HP Client Virtualization Solutions – Sales

Where do the user profile, data, and applications reside in a thin client solution?

A.    on the Internet
B.    on a Solid State Drive
C.    on the client
D.    in the data center

Answer: D
Explanation: (page 7, topic: thin clients, first paragraph)

How do thin clients help a customer who is facing increasing costs?

A.    Thin client solutions eliminate the cost of licensing and reduce the time needed for patch fixes.
B.    Thin client solutions reduce the cost of desktop upgrades, software, maintenance, and support.
C.    Thin client computing allows large computing tasks to be distributed across many computers.
D.    Thin clients allow users to be responsible for administering their own updates and maintenance.

Answer: B
Explanation: (page 1, 2nd and 5th bulleted point)

How does cloud computing help customers?

A.    Enables them to centralize content creation and brand management
B.    Makes management functions unnecessary (including updates and patches)
C.    Diagnoses and repairs their systems without user or IT support
D.    Eliminates the need to plan or develop solutions for peak network traffic

Answer: D

Client virtualization is ideal for which type of customer?

A.    a corporation that needs to support a large mobile user base
B.    a research firm that is building complex computational models
C.    a retail business that needs to run multimedia-rich applications
D.    a call center that needs to personalize desktop images

Answer: C
Explanation: (page 2, left column, first paragraph)

How might students benefit from the use of client virtualization in the school?

A.    Student information is secure in the data center.
B.    Students have greater access to classroom computers.
C.    Teachers are able to maintain and move computers to better meet student needs.
D.    Students are able to learn how to maintain and secure their data.

Answer: A
Explanation: (page 1, first paragraph)

Your customer’s business must operate non-stop with a strong disaster recovery plan. How should you position client virtualization for them?

A.    In the event of a disaster, your users can access their data from home.
B.    Thin clients can easily be moved to another facility and continue operations.
C.    The user’s desktop and data can be accessed from anywhere with connectivity.
D.    Disaster recovery needs to focus on the data center; the desktops are portable.

Answer: A

Which customer challenge can be met with digital signage?

A.    displaying advertising and other messages adaptively across a network
B.    sending customers a fixed message designed for content longevity
C.    archiving user display information so it can be stored at an off-site location
D.    providing an infrastructure for delivering locally crafted messages

Answer: A

Which market was identified in the training as having difficulty in managing large, dispersed IT deployments without adding IT resources?

A.    Financial Market
B.    Healthcare Market
C.    Call Center Market
D.    Outsourcing/Offshore Market

Answer: A

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