CCNA Voice Practice Tests – PSTN and Service Provider Networks (6-10)

Topic 4 – PSTN and Service Provider Networks

Question 6
Identify the VoIP network component that provides CAC, bandwidth control and management, and address translation.
D.Call agent
Answer: B
As a component of the VoIP network, a Gatekeeper serves the purpose of Call Admission Control and translation services from E.164 IDs (commonly a phone number) to IP addresses.

Question 7
The call leg and the dial peer are both physical connections used to complete an end-to-end call.
Answer: B
This question is to examine the concepts of call leg and dial-peer.
Both dial-peer and call leg are logical connections. Therefore, it’s wrong.

Question 8
You are CCNA VOICE associate in What is the purpose of access code 9 based on the following information?
A.The access code 9 connects a caller to the operator when they press 9 on their phone keypad.
B.This is a level 1 security
C.The access code 9 is the access code that internal users must use to make PSTN calls.
D.he access code 9 is required when interfacing with a traditional PBX system
Answer: C
The main point of this question is about the dial-peer.
Generally speaking, users are accustomed to the prompt voice messages of second dial-tone while making a PSTN call in order to avoid dialing a wrong number. For example, when a user picks up the microphone, he or she will hear the dial-tone. He will hear the second dial-tone, which is different from the dial-tone, if dials an external number. Generally, the access code is 9 in North American.

Question 9
Which two of the following VoIP gateway platforms are considered to be Integrated Services Routers (ISRs)? (Choose 2.)
A.Cisco 2600XM Series
B.Cisco 2800 Series
C.Cisco 3700 Series
D.Cisco 3800 Series
Answer: B D
The Integrated Services Routing architecture of the Cisco 1800 Series offers features that provide the complete functionality and flexibility to deliver secure Internet and intranet access.
The Integrated Services Routing architecture of the Cisco 2800 Series provides the performance, availability, and reliability needed to scale mission-critical business applications in the most demanding environments.
The award-winning Cisco 3800 Series integrated services routers enable you to simplify deployment and management, lower the costs and complexities of your network, and support mission-critical business applications.
The Cisco 2600XM and 3700 Series can also function as a gateway, but they are not ISRs.

Question 10
In a Cisco UCM single-site deployment, what is the maximum number of IP phones that can register with a UCM cluster?
Answer: D
Multiple Cisco Unified CallManager servers are clustered and managed as a single entity on an IP network, a distinctive capability in the industry that yields scalability of 1 to 30,000 IP phones per cluster, load balancing, and call-processing service redundancy. Therefore, it supports up to 30,000 lines per server cluster.