CCNA Voice Practice Tests – Cisco network to support VoIP (16-17)

Topic 5 – Describe and configure a Cisco network to support VoIP

16: You are CCNA VOICE associate in need to assign voice VLAN 110 on a Cisco IOS switch. Which command should you use?
A.switchport vlan 110
B.switchport access voice vlan 110
C.switchport voice vlan 110
D.switchport access vlan 110
Answer: C
This question is to examine the command to configure voice VLAN.
The interface to configure the voice VLAN is similar to the trunk, which is able to receive the voice data packets with voice VLAN ID. Choose C.

17: Which of the following is not the function provided by a switching system in a traditional telephony network? setup supervision
C.customer IDs and telephone numbers
D.codec processing
Answer: D
This question is to examine the function of a traditional telephony network.
There is no concept of codec in a traditional telephony network. Codec processing is a function of VoIP. Choose D.

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