CCNA Voice 640-461 Q&As – Voice Fundamentals

Section 6 – Voice Fundamentals

Which issue does CAS signaling on a T1 circuit create?
A.    Signaling bits are subtracted from each frame, which causes a significant loss of voice quality.
B.    An extra signaling bit is added to the sixth frame to carry signaling information.
C.    A signaling bit is subtracted from every sixth frame to carry signaling information.
D.    Signaling bits are added to the signaling stream to create extended super frames.
Answer: C

Which network component would cause variable network delay?
A.    dejitter buffer
B.    DSP delay
C.    processing delay
D.    serialization delay
E.    propagation delay
Answer: E

Which headers are compressed when cRTP is used?
A.    the UDP and RTP headers
B.    the IP header only
C.    the TCP header only
D.    the RTP header only
E.    the IP, UDP, RTP headers and the first byte of the payload
F.    the IP, UDP, and RTP headers
Answer: F