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You are planning an HP StoreVirtual multi-site storage configuration with two HP StoreVirtual 4530 nodes at each site. The Network iSCSI switches have jumbo frames enabled and each site is in a separate VLAN. Your customer reports that their network which connects the two sites has a bandwidth of 1Gb/s and a network latency of approximately 5ms. You need to implement a solution that avoids impacting the disk I/O.
What should you consider to achieve this goal? (Select two.)

A.    VLAN design
B.    latency
C.    number of storage nodes
D.    jumbo frames
E.    application design

Answer: AB

HP Converged Storage offers scale-out interfaces that enable storage software to run consistently on industry standard hardware.
Which benefit does this approach provide to customers?

A.    flexible, purpose-designed data repositories
B.    unified storage for NAS and SAN in a single architecture
C.    isolation between server, storage, and networking, providing high availability
D.    enhanced data services for file, block, and backup storage

Answer: D

Your customer is migrating to VMware VSphere 5. Your solution includes HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage with licenses for Remote Copy and sub-LUN tiering.The customer is interested in implementing VMware Storage l/O Control and asks if there are any interoperability concerns with your solution. How does the inclusion of VMware Storage l/O Control impact your solution?

A.    HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization cannot be used in the solution
B.    VMware Storage l/O Control integrates into the proposed solution with no changes
C.    VMware Adaptive Queue Depth Throttling must be enabled
D.    HP 3PAR Application Software Suite for VMware must be added to the solutions

Answer: D
A – incorrect http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/VMware-vStorage-VMFS-3PAR-Utility-Storage-WP-EN.pdf p29, Note.
C – incorrect p31, Note.
B – correct p32, Summary. But we should choose D. because “The HP 3PAR Application Software Suite for VMware provides everything you need to make your VMware environment more agile and efficient-including Recovery Manager for VMware, Host Explorer for VMware, VASA support, and three essential plug-ins: the VMware Site Replication Manager (SRM) Adapter, the 3PAR VAAI plug-in, and the 3PAR management plug-in for VMware View. ” see
p23 description.
You are designing a new storage solution for a customer that provides Thin Provisioning, support for Solid State Disk Drives (SSD), and the ability to isolate SAN Administrators so they only manage storage resources that they are responsrble for. Additionally, the customer needs to ensure performance for cache-oriented I/O for specified hosts
Which HP Storage system should you recommend to meet the customer requirements?

A.    HP EVA P6550
B.    HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000
C.    HP StoreVirtual 4530
D.    HP XP P9500

Answer: D
HP Storage Works LUN Configuration and Security Manager XP software for XP12000/XP10000 Disk Arrays includes the following licenses.
Cache LUN XP – Reserve areas of Cache Memory for frequently accessed data.
A – EVA Admin full access.
B – 3PAR 1000 – No Security SW
suite like in 3PAR 7400.
C – No SSD support.
D – correct ” Administrators can partition a XP P9500 Storage at a physical level (ports, hosts, LDEVs and Parity Groups) and dedicate part of their arrays for specific requirements.” – HP XP 9500 quickSpec.

A client with high volume data requirements wants a new storage environment. The business can allow for an RTO of 45 minutes and an RPO of 15 minutes. The client has a one-year data retention period during which data can be called upon at any given time. You propose four HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 Storage Systems.
Which HP 3PAR software suites should you recommend? (Select two.)

A.    Replication
B.    Data Optimization
C.    Thin
D.    System Tuner
E.    Security

Answer: AB
A – provides “transparent failover” – seems to be needed.
B – prvides “Peer Motion software enables seamless technology refresh and cost-optimized asset lifecycle management,” – seems to be needed.
C – included in “Operating System Software Suite (Required)”, so incorrect
D – included in “Operating System Software Suite (Required)”, so incorrect
E – do the customer need administrators segregation and virtual lock? not sure. i think incorrect

You are proposing an HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage solution to a customer who regulary misses exporting new virtual volumes to all hosts that need access to the LUN. Which feature of an HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage system solves this problem?

A.    Autonomic Rebalance
B.    Persistent Ports
C.    Common Provisioning groups
D.    Autonomic groups

Answer: D
HP 3PAR Autonomic Groups is a feature designed to simplify storage provisioning for clustered and virtual server environments. Use of Autonomic Groups reduces opportunities for human error by reducing manual repetition of tedious commands, making the provisioning process more reliable.
HP 3PAR InForm Operating System Software provides a simple, two-step process for the common task of provisioning VVs and exporting them to application servers as VLUNs. While much simpler than provisioning with traditional storage arrays, when multiplied by the numerous hosts which are characteristic of virtualized utility computing environments, the repetition of even the simplest provisioning tasks can consume significant resources and leave room for human error. In these environments, the Autonomic Groups feature supports autonomic storage management by allowing both hosts and VVs to be combined into “groups” or “sets” which can then be managed as a single object. Adding an object to an autonomic group applies all previously performed provisioning actions to the new member. For example, when a new host is added to a group, all volumes are autonomically exported to that group with absolutely no administrative intervention. Similarly, when a new volume is added to a group, that volume is also autonomically exported to all hosts in the group – intelligently, and without requiring administrator action.

You are discussing cost reduction, quality management, and business growth with a client. According to industry best practices, which CxO are you meeting with?

A.    CEO
B.    COO
C.    CFO
D.    CIO

Answer: A

A large regional telecommunications company specialized on mobile services has experienced rapid growth. they currently have 149 million subscribers in 11 markets, including 4 million subscribers locally. the year-on-year growth between 2003 and 2013 was approximately 15%. The projected growth for 2013 and the next several years is 30% annually.
The proposed mission critical solution needs to work with the existing application modules and deliver a minimum data transfer rate of 6.5 TB per hour and a capacity of 120 TB. Financially. the solution has to offer low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over the next 5 years. and solution capacity has to accommodate the performance and growth model.
Which mission critical backup solution and support level should you propose? (Select two )

A.    HP 24/7 4-hour response support
B.    HP same-day hardware support
C.    HP 6-hour call-to-repair support
D.    HP StoreOnce 4430 with two upgrade kits
E.    HP StoreOnce B6200 with three – 48TB expansion kits

Answer: AE
A – recommended. see “Basic Care” in
http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/ quickspecs/13218_div/13218_div. pdf
http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx%2F5981- 6638EN.pdf
B – much more slow than recommended.
C – may be, but it is backup system, not production. customer du not need 6hour call to repair. I think.
D – 4430 = 24TB + 2 x 24TB =72TB. can be used because of deduplication. may be.
E – B6200 = 48 + 3 x 48 = 192TB can be used even with 30% annual growth.

You need to gather data in order to size a new storage system for a customer that has an existing HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array 5000. The customer wants as much data analyzed as possible with the least amount of impact. Additionally, the customer wants to assess the environment during month-end closing to gather the data.
Which tools should you use to accomplish this goal? (Select two )

A.    NinjaThin
B.    HP Storage Sizer
C.    HP Command View EVA EVAperf
D.    HP Data Center Fabric Manager
E.    HP P6000 Performance Advisor

Answer: AC
B – does not gather information from the SAN.
D – Related to Brocade SAN switches only.
E – EVA5000 is not supported by the advisor.
http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/ quickspecs/13905_na/13905_na.pdf p10.

A customer asks you to architect a new SAN fabric infrastructure comprised of redundant fabrics for a test/ dev server environment. They need to provide selective connectivity for array based snapshots from disk arrays hosted on the existing Cisco MDS 9506 Multilayer director-based production fabric, to hosts on the test/dev fabric. A customer requirement is to utilize a different vendor for the test/dev fabric. Which SAN technology enables the test/dev SAN fabnc to maintain interoperability between the two fabrics and meet the stated requirements?

A.    HP H-Series with Inter-Fabric Routing (IFR)
B.    HP B-Series with Inter-VSAN Routing (IVR)
C.    HP H Senes with Transparent Router (TR)
D.    HP B-Series with Transparent Router (TR)

Answer: C
A – The TR feature provides inter-fabric routing, so, see C.
B – incorrect. IVR concerned to C series.
C – http://www8.hp.com/fr/fr/pdf/prn19593-Storage_H-series_Solution_Sheet_tcm_113_1260390.pdf  http://downloads.feedroom.com/hptv/Transparent_Router_SN6000.pdf p7 conclusion
D – incorrcet – TR concerned to H-series.

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