2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass HP HP0-J67 Exam Questions (41-50)

Which HP 3PAR StoreServ Features help you meet IT improvement goals? (Select two)

A.    Thin Provisioning
B.    Virtual Copy
C.    Virtual Lock
D.    Virtual Domains
E.    Persistent Ports

Answer: AE

An enterprise has several remote locations with restricted access for the operators. They need a backup solutions with a maximum of 10 TB of backup per location. The data must be archived to tape daily at a central location for compliance purposes.
Which storage solution should the enterprise deploy?

A.    HP 3PAR StoreServ
B.    HP StoreAll
C.    HP StoreVirtual
D.    HP StoreOnce

Answer: D
The StoreOnce VSA is a virtual backup solution that can be configured in 1 TB increments up to its maximumcapacity of 10 TB.
For Small and remote officesStoreOnce VSA offers the lowest price performance point in the

You are architecting an HP StoreoNce Backup System solution for a customer with a primary and a secondary data center on the same campus. Backed up fileserver data should be replicated accross the data centers by VTL replication after a backup is completed. The customer gives you these sizing requirements:
– Backup of one fileserver with 6 partitions, 150 GB each
– Daily full backup
– Daily change rate by less than 1% of the original files
– Backup application is HP Data Protector 7.01
– Retention time of 120 days should be achieved
– Uni-directional replication between sites
Which HP StoreOnce backup system is the most cost-effective and meets the customer requirements?

A.    HP StoreOnce 2620 Backup System
B.    HP StoreOnce 4210 Backup System
C.    HP StoreOnce 4220 Backup System
D.    HP StoreOnce 4420 Backup System

Answer: A
6×150=0,9TB – first full bkp 1%x0,9*120 = 0,1TB total 1TB
The smallest model is SO2620i – 2,5TB usable

Your customer wants to upgrade their existing HP 3PAR S-Class array. A competitor has suggested a non-HP storage array. Your conversation with the customer focuses on the notable architectural enhancements within the new generation of HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 platforms.
Which enhancements should you focus on? (Select two.)

A.    The 64-bit OS enables scalable headroom for performance and capacity
B.    Logical Disk regions have increased from 256 MB and are now 1 GB in size
C.    The tightly coupled cache-coherent clustering is built into the Gen4 ASIC
D.    Write cache mirroring is now implemented N+N across the 7×00 controllers
E.    New HP StoreServ 7×00 now supports 16Gb FibreChannel Speeds

Answer: AC



A company is planning to deploy a database application that requires high availability. In the event of a host failure, the application must sustain only minimal service interruption.
Which technology should the company use?

A.    remote data replication
B.    local data replication
C.    clustering
D.    two-stage backup

Answer: C

A customer has an environment spanning two data centers on a campus environment . The primary storage is an HP 3PAR StoreServ 10400 system. Data replicated between sites with an RPO of zero. The customer is questioning whether they have adequate protection. You suggest creating a DR site and actively replicate the data to it. What are the implications of adding the third data center to the data network?

A.    10 GbE links are needed to interconnect the HP StoreServ 3PAR arrays.
B.    The data network must support OpenStack.
C.    The data network must support Converged Enhanced Ethernet
D.    A dedicated subnet must be added to interconnect the 3PAR arrays

Answer: D

What is a main difference between Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) and Small Form Factor Pluggable plus (SFP+) modules?

A.    Port density
B.    Physical size
C.    Maximum transfer rate
D.    Different pinout

Answer: C

A customer with a B series fabric needs to establish FC IP connected between their primary data center fabric and DR data center fabric to enable replication. However they are concerned that fabric instability issues in the DR fabric will cause issues in their production fabric. Which HP Storage solution should you recommend?

A.    HP SN6000 FC Switch
B.    HP 1606 Extension SAN switch
C.    HP C-Series MD5 9222i Multiservices Modular Fabric Switch
D.    HP MPX200 Multifunction router

Answer: D


Your customer wants to replace the aging storage and servers infrastructures with the latest technology to run the entire transaction processing and Oracle data warehouse applications. The client data warehouse holds a minimum of 2 years of trading and market data reporting, trading and regular functions. The current storage system is an HP 3PAR F400 that has been operational for almost 4 years without downtime. The client needs 150 TB of raw capacity.
Which proposed solution follows the configuration best practises and future proofing?

A.    HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 with SSD and NL drives
B.    HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400-4 with SSD and NL drives
C.    HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400-4 with 15k SAS and NL drives
D.    HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 with 15k SAS and NL drives

Answer: B

You are meeting with a customer that has a small business with an unpredictable workload in a virtualized environment. Which product family from the HP array portfolio do you lead your discussion with?

A.    P2000
B.    P4000
C.    X3000
D.    P6000

Answer: A
* HP P2000 G3 SAS MSA
Affordable, direct attach, externalshared storage solution that provides a more efficient balance of scalability, reliability, and cost efficiency for small to midsize environments. Designed to be easytodeploy, and secure, along with low management costs while driving rapid return on investment (ROI) through efficient storage consolidation. HP MSA P2000 arrays ship standard with 64 Snapshots and Volume Copy enabled for increased data protection.
Not C: HP X3000 Network Storage Systems are enhanced Windows-powered gateway and shared storage solutions for your medium business, workgroup, or datacenter environment.

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