2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass HP HP0-J67 Exam Questions (31-40)

A customer wants to enable a long distance (~50km/31miles) replication for their Fibre Channel- Based enterprise storage solution. Because of budget restrictions, they want a low-cost solution that supports replication.
Which type of solution meet these requirements?

A.    Network Storage Router
B.    Extended SAN switch
C.    WAN Accelerator
D.    IP Distance Gateway

Answer: D


Drag and Drop Questions
Match the architecture type with the correct storage solution.



An enterprise company needs the fastest deduplication technology for both backup and restore.
Which technology should the company implement?

A.    hash-based chunking
B.    object-level differencing
C.    application-based cloning
D.    host-based file swapping

Answer: B

A company is planning to implement a backup and archiving solution. They have the following requirements:
– Corrupt data files must be restored within seconds
– Archived data must be available for 15 years.
– Archived data must be stored off-site.
Which types of solutions should the company use? (Select two.)

A.    Remote replication for backup data
B.    Remote replication for archived data
C.    Tape-based storage for backup data
D.    Tape-based storage for archived data
E.    Disk-based storage for backup data
F.    Disk-based storage for archived data

Answer: DE

You are designing a new storage solution for a custoer that provides Thin Provisioning support for Solid State Disks (SSD.and the ability to isolate SAN Administrators so they only manage storage resources that they are responsible for. Additionally, the customer needs to ensure performance for cache-oriented I/O for specific hosts.
Which HP Storage system should you recommend to meet the customer requirements?

A.    HP XP P9500
B.    HP StoreVirtual 4530
C.    HP EVA P6550
D.    HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000

Answer: A

A customer has an environment spanning two datacenters in a campus environment. The primary storage is an HP 3PAR storeServ 10400 Storage system. Data is replicated between sites with and RPO of zero.
There has recently been a hurricane and extensive flooding. While the customer was not directly impacted, they are now questioning wether they have adequate protection. You have been brought in to analyze the customer environment and make recommendations. You suggest creating a data center at a remote location and actively replicating data to it.
What are the implications of adding the third data center to the data network? (Select two)

A.    Jumbo Frames should be enabled
B.    The data network must support converged enhanced ethernet
C.    A new subnet must be added to interconnect the 3PAR arrays
D.    The data network must support Open Stack
E.    10 GbE links are needed to interconnect to HP 3PAR StoreServ Arrays

Answer: AC

You are reviewing a colleagues extended fabric design, which proposes an HP 1606 Extension SAN Switch. Which customer requirement should lead you to choose an HP Multi-Protocol Router blade for the B-Series as an alternative?

A.    Concerns around fabric stability
B.    Requirement to extend the fabric between sites
C.    Requirement to support dark fiber metro connectivity
D.    Need for up to 10 Gbs replication bandwidth

Answer: B
Agility – Hierarchical routing architectures for increased SAN scalability: With the FC Routing services of the HP MPR Blade, users can connect SAN islands
and share resources. The resulting modular design enables organization to overcome the scalability limits of individual SAN islands and achieve large
scalability in the order of 1000’s of ports and 1000’s of devices with outstanding operational stability.
Agility – Maintains fabric isolation for improved operational stability: By enabling SAN connectivity and resource sharing without the need to merge the SANs,
the HP MPR Blade maintains fabric isolation, and thus secures a stable solution and proper service levels. Combined with FCIP SAN extension services, the
router protects the SAN from WAN disturbances further improving operational stability.

You propose an HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage solution to your customer. The customer wants to know what sets this solution apart from the competition and why they should purchase it.
What are unique features of an HP 3PAR StoreServ compared to competitor block-based arrays? (Select two)

A.    Hardware implemented Thin Provisioning
B.    Wide-striping of data over many physical disks
C.    Linear performance scalability due to a custom ASIC
D.    Block storage functions facilitated by software emulation
E.    Controller functions based on a software implementation of RAID

Answer: AC

Your customer wants to replicate backup data from branch offices to a primary data center where an HP StoreOnce 4430 Backup system using StoreOnce Catalyst is located. The backup application is HP Data Protector 7.01. The file and application servers have Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and Suse Linux 9 and 10 installed. As a long term strategy. The customer wants to migrate all services to the primary data center. No additional hardware can be purchased for the branch offices and complexity should be minimized.
Which HP resources should be used to validate interoperability of a new solution? (Select two)

A.    HP Data Protector Platform and Integration Matrix
B.    HP Enteprise Backup Solution Compatibility Matrix
C.    HP SAN Design Reference Guide
D.    HP Enterprise Backup Solution Design Guide
E.    HP Data Protector concepts guide

Answer: AD

A customer has heavy bandwidth traffic on their WAN link that they have isolated to HP 3PAR StoreServ Remote Copy replication between their primary and DR site. They are not concerned with the RTO but would like to improve the RPO.
Which recommendation should you make to decrease their WAN link traffic?

A.    Replicate just the database logs
B.    Create more Remote Copy volume groups
C.    Use synchronous mode replication of the entire database
D.    Use synchronous long distance mode of the entire database

Answer: A

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