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Refer to the exhibit. You are presenting a converged infrastructure proposal to the director of IT and the infrastructure administration team. The configuration is to refresh th infrastructure at a wholly-owned subsidiary company. They plan to have a SQL standby server in their main data center for recovery. The director informs you that the subsidiary IT staff has been laid off and that the configuration needs to be as easy to manage as possible because it will be done remotely. What should you to improve the proposal TCO?


A.    Recommend an HP Flat SAN
B.    Add an HP StoreEasy 3000 Gateway
C.    Change HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 to HP StoreVIrtual 4530
D.    Fibre Channel connect the HP StoreOnce 4420

Answer: A


HP Virtual Connect for 3PAR with Flat SAN technology
To address this problem HP announces HP Virtual Connect for 3PAR with Flat SAN technology. The industry’sfirst direct connection to fibre channel-based storage that doesn’t require dedicated switches, enabling asimplified architecture with best-in-class storage, servers and network innovations — BladeSystem, VirtualConnect and 3PAR.
Customer benefits include:
– Single layer Fibre Channel storage network – Eliminate SAN switches and HBAs
– Massive simplification of your fabric management
– 2.5x faster Fibre Channel storage provisioning
– Automated zoning capabilities to set up zones with one-click vs. hours
– Up to 55% less latency by removing SAN fabric layer

Refer to the exhibit. A customer reports poor application performance on their Oracle database, which is on an existing tho node HP P4500 virtualization SAN. The customer provides you with the chart in the exhibit. Wich assumption can you make based on this graph?


A.    Asynchronous replication from this cluster causes a bottleneck.
B.    Database read operations cause a bottleneck on the cluster
C.    Hard drive background tasks cause a bottleneck on the cluster
D.    Writing archive logs causes a bottleneck on the cluster

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. The central IT department of a local city government has data centers in two buildings, which are several kilometers apart and are connected by long wave SFPs. They have implemented two HP 6400 Enterprise Virtual Arrays with synchronous HP Continuous Access EVA zoned for a 6- logical-fabric solution. They are using redundant HP StorageWorks 4/32 SAN Switches at each site.
Central IT recently expanded to include more city departments and added 45 more servers and 23 TB of additional data into their solution However the users are reporting poor application performance.
Which Tool will enable the IT deparment to gather information about the DR tunnel in the environment?


A.    HP B-Series SAN Network Advisor
B.    HP Command View EVA EVAperf
C.    HP DataCenter Fabric Manager
D.    HP Intelligent infrastructure Analyzer Software

Answer: B
http://www.fullyautomatednagios.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/HP- StorageWorksCommand.pdf
http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/partners/hp/hp_EVA_vmware_SRM-4AA2- 8848ENW.pdf
pag. 35

Which connection protocol supports dual-ported drives and is optimized for backplane interconnections?

A.    ATA
B.    SATA
C.    IDE
D.    SAS

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A customer complains about poor application performance on their existing two-node HP P4500 Virtualization SAN and provides you the chart in the exhibit. Wich conclusion can you draw from this graph?

A.    Queue depth of the storage cluster is in the optimal range, and throughput should be checked
B.    Queue depth is acceptable, and total latency peaks are too High during business hours
C.    Queue depth of the storage environment is acceptable, and performance issues should be checked
on the application level
D.    Queue depth of the cluster exceeds the recommend limit. and total disk I/O should be checked

Answer: D

You are working with a local manufacturing company to design a new SAN fabric for their primary and DR data centers. The customer requirements include:
– Fabric issues occurring in one SAN fabric must not impact or affect the other SAN fabric
– The ability to isolate the test environment from the production environment
– The primary and DR data centers need to utilise the same infrastructure to reduce the administration load on SAN administrators
Which storage technology should you propose to meet the stated requirements?

A.    HP H series switches with Transparent Routing (TR)
B.    HP C Series switches with Inter VSAN Routing (IVR)
C.    HP C series switches with FlexAttach (FA)
D.    HP B series switches with Administrative Domains (AD)

Answer: B
00759555 – Resource Library for Architecting Multi_site HP. Fabric Topologies pag 38

You are tuning a customer HP StoreOnce Backup System and notice they are running backups 20 hours a day. As a result, backup jobs are running during the same time as replication jobs. What can you do to limit the available bandwidth and not saturate the link with replication traffic?

A.    Enable multiplexing and set concurrency to 1.
B.    Enable concurrency control.
C.    Map multiple source libraries into a single target library.
D.    Enable compression.

Answer: B
Hewlett-Packard StoreOnce B6000 Configuration Manual Page 40: “7. The use of “concurrency control” is notnecessary if replication is run at separate times from backups and housekeeping. However, if the customerwants to run replication at the same time as backups or housekeeping, they can use concurrency control tolimit the available bandwidth so as not to saturate the link with replication traffic”

Your customer has a number of existing HP P4000 G2 clusters across two sites. They are installing a new upgraded HP Storevirtual 4000 environment. The customer asks for the best method with the least amount of downtime to migrate the data from the physical servers to the new storage arrays. Which method do you suggest?

B.    VmWARE Vmotion
C.    Cluster Swap
D.    HP MPX200

Answer: D
Surely A, if the physical servers meant here are the servers of the existing P4000 G2 themselves…
Cluster swap enables the online replacement of all storage systems in a LeftHand cluster with another set of storage systems.
A cluster swap replaces the physical components of a LeftHand cluster while maintaining the logical cluster and the data therein.
Cluster swap offers LeftHand customers non-disruptive, built-in, and flexible data mobility services.
Benefits of Cluster Swap
A highlighted benefit of cluster swap is the seamless movement of data volumes without disruption to users and/or application processing. Volume migrations are performed without required changes to network mount points or changes to logical drive mappings, eliminating the need for end-user reconfiguration.
Other benefits are:
• Migration of data volumes from any LeftHand system with a few simple clicks within the CMC
• Reduce complex planning and eliminate application I/O downtime during storage system consolidations and technology refresh initiatives
• Right size LeftHand storage clusters at -will-  while preserving application service levels
When to use Cluster Swap
Use the cluster swap feature to seamlessly swap out all LeftHand nodes in a cluster at once. Common use cases for cluster swap are:
• Refresh storage technology of any LeftHand platform
• Upgrade all storage systems in a cluster to a higher performing or capacity storage tier
• Downgrade all storage systems in a cluster to a less expensive storage tier

You have designed a new SAN fabric for a customer. The fabric constists of CISCO MDS 8/24c Fabric switches for HP Bladesystem c class . Which feature allows automatic mapping of physical WWNs to virtual WWNs using NAT?

A.    FlexFabric
B.    FlexAttach
C.    Virtual Domain
D.    Access Gateways

Answer: B

When sizing a solution involving depulication, how does the rate of changed blocks between back ups affect dedup ratio?

A.    The lowest the block change rate the highest the deduplication ratio
B.    No changed blocks between backups result in a dedup ration of 0%
C.    Dedup ration is only afftected by the back up software
D.    The rate of changed blocks does not affect deduplication efficiency.

Answer: A
Architecting Multi-site HP Storage Solutions page258 – The Lower the ‘Block Change Rate’ of the backup datathe higher the deduplication ratio.

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